Monument Valley developers ustwo have a new app out for iOS, though it might not be quite what you're expecting. Rather than a cerebral puzzle game, their latest project, in collaboration with Danish wellness company PauseAble, is a mindfulness tool. Sway allows you to relax and focus no matter where you are. Here's how it works.

Sway uses your phone's motion sensors to guide you through a series of discrete meditation exercises that can be done anywhere. You can leave your phone in your pocket and subtly sway side to side, move your phone in gentle circles, or simply walk around. All you need is a pair of headphones to complete these soothing exercises.

Activities are meant to occupy twenty minutes of your day, and the app includes six different levels to help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. It's an easy way to boost your attention span and mood, plus Sway, in keeping with the precedent set by Monument Valley, looks quite nice. You can try it for yourself right now. Sway is out now on the App Store for $2.99.

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