Loopy Tunes Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on August 4th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Loopy Tunes is a very interesting universal musical application, allowing players to layer different instrumental sounds and the like together to create unique musical pieces.

It is nice how both individual sounds that play once when tapped are included, as well as many looping sounds and bits of music that play continuously until silenced with a touch.

This app opens to the lovely view of what is reminiscent of a vintage radio or television face, which includes a top and bottom row of sections that one can tap. The top row involves eight areas that play individual sounds with the touch of a finger. Note the left bottom of the screen where five small yellow knob-like button selections are offered. As one explores here, the top row of individual sounds will change from a series of milk jugs, piano notes, and different instrument options as well as a group of abstract sounds, all of which make a single sound when tapped.

The bottom row consists of five areas to choose from each with sounds that are looped and will play until silenced, with the lower right knob-like red buttons controlling these selections. Sections that include a very pretty series of sounds illustrated with dancing girls, a ballerina, flower, butterfly, and ladybugs, A really fun space motif with aliens, spaceships, planet choice, and an astronaut is included in another section, as is a series of dancing ballerinas, farm, and dinosaur themes. Experiment with each of these areas, turning on and off any or all of these looping sounds to create musical pieces of varied complexity.

Adults will enjoy this app as much as kids will, experimenting with the looping sections that sometimes include simple samples of musical instruments like bass, piano, or percussion found in some creative motifs, as well as other sounds that together create very interesting music. Layer as many or as few of these sounds together, adding or reducing these choice at will, noting how these layers change the music made. With a tap, comb the individual sound choices from the top row as well.

I especially like that some of the looping selections are not music, but singing voice samples that, mixed together, create beautiful music as well.

Not only does this app offer many sounds to choose from, it is lovely to watch all of these selections, as each one is animated with simple, beautifully hand-drawn moving illustrations that are all elegant in their simplicity, including many dancing characters from these series, all of which start or stop their animations when their corresponding sounds are tapped on or off.

The top, single selections often offer instruments choices such as xylophone, castanets or hands clapping, each looking wonderful as they play, creating some very nice moments introducing kids to many instruments that come to life with a tap. Also included as well are some abstract images to go with other interesting sounds, such as images of sunbursts or shooting stars to illustrate beautiful sounds that are difficult to describe with words.

Bottom-looped sounds are equally represented with animations, including spinning ballerinas and many other creatures that dance such as aliens, farm animals, and dinosaurs as well as other interesting animated choices.

Kids of all ages will enjoy exploring this app with all it has to offer. I have struggled somewhat to explain this app in word, and I hope that this review does the app justice as it is very creative and fun to get lost in. I do wish one could record her tracks, however - just a thought for a future update. It is also worth noting that this app was designed for and looks best on the iPad, as the details of this app look a little small on the iPhone but are still enjoyable, and I am glad that the developers chose to make this universal, especially for owners of both devices.

Do also check out this developer - Trustee for the Tokeru Trust’s other apps, especially “A Fine Musician,” an interactive storybook for both iPad and iPhone that I have enjoyed very much, also reviewed here at Giggle Apps.

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