IsoCards isn't really a card game. It's every card game. Or any card game. It's really just a virtual deck of cards, you can do with them what you please. There are no rules, you just have access to a deck of cards anywhere you wish. Well, anywhere your iPad is.

You can deal them, shuffle them, throw them around, etc. Seems simple, but there are some really interesting features to this iPad app. When dealing the cards, they can be dealt face down. You can then cup your hand over your dealt cards to view them. Coming in version 1.1 is an even more interesting way to keep your cards private. In the next release you will be able to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to IsoCards via Wifi/Bluetooth and then view and interact with your cards on your handheld device.

And interesting interaction that we've heard other developers talk about -- using the iPad as a common interface and using the iPhone as a single user controller. We'll be interested to see what other applications of this come about.

[ via Opetopic / PocketGamer]

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