Homer Simpson Bumbles His Way Onto TomTom

Posted by Blake Grundman on May 2nd, 2011
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Ever since it was introduced on the iOS platform back in 2009, TomTom has been on of the frontrunners in the navigation software arena of the App Store.  Despite the its steep pricetag, the app has continually worked to justify itself. The newest 1.7 update adds several new features, including the iconic voice of a certain yellow skinned nuclear plant employee.  That's right folks, you can now be navigated by the dimwitted dulcet tones of one Homer Jay Simpson.

As part of a partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, The Gracie Films Worldwide Brand Division and Locutio Voice Technologies, the Simpsons will now be making the jump from your television onto your GPS software, and as you could imagine Tim Roper, the President of TomTom Inc. couldn't be more excited:

Homer Simpson is one of the most familiar and fondly recognized animated characters on the planet. So to have Homer become uniquely available for our TomTom App for iPhone is really thrilling for us. We believe Homer will bring lots of fun and enjoyment to millions of fans around the world.

While the voice of Homer alone would be enough to at least entice my interest, this isn't the only part of the software update worth noting.  A new feature named TomTom Map Share will allow users to make corrections to existing maps within the app itself, which can then propagate these modifications to all users.  This is another perfect example of crowd sourcing hard at work to make the traveling experience better for everyone.  Luckily this constantly updating feature will come at no cost to all TomTom users on the iOS, and should drastically improve the quality of the maps in virtually no time flat.

There is one question that still remains though, if you make a wrong turn, will you hear Homer's patented, "d'oh!?"

TomTom U.S. & Canada

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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