Here’s the Deal with Real Racing 3’s Team Driver for Apple Watch

Posted by Rob Rich on May 18th, 2015
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Whether you’ve been playing Real Racing 3 for a while or are just getting started, chances are all you Apple Watch users are wondering what’s up with its watch functionality. Well, rather than acting as some weird sort of remote or letting you race directly on your wrist, it actually functions as a companion app. It’s not unlike a bizarre car-racing virtual pet now that I think about it...

In essence, the Team Driver function provides players with a way to earn a little extra cash while they’re otherwise occupied and unable to play. The Team Driver will race for you in the various challenges, and won’t stop until they earn first place. Naturally this might take some time in later races, but there’s something nice about being able to check in and see that you’ve just earned some extra cash without actually having to do anything.

The driver’s abilities are limited, however. Once they’ve completed a number of races they’ll need a bit of a rest, but you can give them a recharge simply by playing Real Racing 3 on your phone for a little while. Then they’ll be ready to jump back into the driver’s seat on your behalf once again.

Unfortunately the Team Driver app’s functionality is strictly limited to taking part in races, which means you’ll still have to open the game up on your phone if you want to customize your car, fill out your garage, and so on. But as a hands-free (and stress-free) way of earning some extra money on the side, it’s not bad.

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