Okay, I'm obviously kidding but the inclusion of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum wouldn't be all that out of place in Escape to Earth. Someone's been captured by aliens, then somehow miraculously manages to escape their captors and hijack a ship. The only problem is they have to get out of the mothership before they can taste real freedom. Or smoke those cigars. Last Independence Day reference, I promise.

So players will find themselves in control of yet another space-faring vessel, however things aren't as derivative as they might initially seem. It's true that they'll have to blast away at many an aggressive extra-terrestrial along the way, but Escape to Earth is about more than just blowing stuff up. In addition to the other-worldly armaments (i.e. a laser and missiles), players also have access to a tractor beam and "repulser" which are needed to solve a number of physics-based environmental puzzles. So if they ever want to see Earth again, they'll have to use both their brain and their trigger fingers.

Those interested in fighting (and puzzling) their way through this interstellar labyrinth can do so right now. Escape to Earth is already on the App Store, and it can be had for the low/standard price of one dollar.

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