E3 is in full swing, and Electronic Arts had a pretty big presentation for it. They even included a couple of mobile announcements.

First was Minions Paradise, which we caught wind of a couple of months ago. Minions Paradise follows the exploits of a new minion named Phil, who crashed a cruise ship loaded with all his friends onto a deserted island. And just like anyone would do in such a scenario, he sets out to turn the island into a tropical paradise - you know, instead of trying to get rescued. You'll be able to explore the island and play a handful of mini-games, as well as customize your facilities for a little R&R. Minions Paradise will be available later this summer, and I'll eat my iPhone if it's not a free download.

After that came Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes; a collectible card game set in a galaxy far, far away. Granted it's not the only CCG set in the Star Wars universe that we've seen on the App Store, but it's a new Star Wars CCG. Galaxy of Heroes is going to include characters and vehicles from just about every movie and TV series you can think of - from Episode VI to Episode II to Clone Wars and even Star Wars Rebels. We don't know a whole heck of a lot about it other than "Star Wars," the fact that it's a CCG, and that players will "take part in battles," but there's certainly a lot of source material for them to work with. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is due out later this year - also probably as a free download but don't quite me on that.

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