Carter Dotson, senior writer at 148Apps and editor over at Android Rundown shares his five favorite games.

It's the turn of Carter Dotson of 148Apps to provide his top 5 app choices for our #‎AppStoreTurns5 celebrations, as well as his hopes for the future of iOS.

Punch Quest - No game has caused me to spend as much time or as much money as this one has. I'm a big fan of Rocketcat Games' catalog, and this one might be my favorite of all them – addictive, humorous, and full of punching. Just like my life.

Disc Drivin' - I have plenty of stories of triumphs and failures versus other people in this turn-based multiplayer racing game. Over two and a half years later, I still periodically check in and play it, which is a miracle - I've deleted more good games than I can even remember.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery - I'm man enough to admit that the end of this game made me cry. Few other App Store games nailed the kind of experience that this one does.

Mikey Shorts - This game might just be perfect. The level design, the controls, the competition against friends, I can't say a bad thing about this game.

Jetpack Joyride - I remember when I first got to play this game, I was at jury duty and I wound up playing this during every free moment I got. I wound up on the jury for a murder trial that day, but I suppose the day wasn't all that bad since I got to keep playing this.

I want the App Store to grow and expand, but I want indies to remain a vital part of the store. The store has provided opportunities for upstarts and unknowns to thrive, but it feels like doors have been closing in the last couple years, especially. The App Store is great because the giants and small-fries were on equal ground, and this balance needs to be maintained and cultivated over the next five years. Open platforms need to be the future.

Find more of our favorite apps over at the Best App Ever Facebook page for our #AppStoreTurns5 special.

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