Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

Around this time every week we're going to have a look at the comings and goings on the other sites in Steel Media's pocket-gaming empire. We'll round up the very best content you might have missed, so you're always going to be up to date with the finest SM happenings.

There's going to be something for everyone here, so make sure you check back every week to stay abreast of all the comings, goings, and doings, in the world of mobile and mobile gaming. You wanna be in the loop? Well welcome to the loop, kid.

Pocket Gamer

The big news on our big sister site this week was all about Labo. If you don't know what that is, it's Nintendo's cardboard maker kit that lets you turn your Switch into drones, robots, and tiny little pianos.

First up the team at PG had a sit down and a think about whether the Labo is good idea. You can read exactly what they thought by clicking here.

Then they wondered about the current Nintendo IPs that deserve to get some sort of Labo treatment. And if that wasn't enough, away from the Labo they gave you some mobile alternatives to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Android Rundown

On our Android focused lil sis, Tre Lawrence retold the story of a tragic laundry accident. It's heartbreaking, and you can read it right here. The team also took the time out to review Stickman Parkour, which they quite liked, all told.


Over on AppSpy, news was the order of the week. They covered the news that The Room: Old Sins is set to hit the App Store next week. Which we're all pretty excited about to be honest.

Their Hidden Gem of the week award went to Blackbar. It's a brilliant game about censorship and language, and you can read what ace reporter Christian Valentin thought about it by clicking right here.

AppSpy Video

AppSpy also has a YouTube channel, which is the video arm of all of our Steel Media endeavours. And what a strong and attractive arm it is.

This week, James Gilmour, our resident smooth voiced video legend, treated you to a hands-on with Fling Fighters, which looked a little something like this...

As well as a review of the pretty darn good Let Them Come, which looked a little bit like this...

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