Let's face it folks, the iPad Safari broswer leaves something to be desired in the integration department.  Once such area that has previously fallen flat is Facebook Chat from within the browser.  But what if there were a way to get high quality browser experience, while also getting your social interaction in the same place?  Developer VoyagerApps is looking to do that with their groundbreaking new tool for the iPad, the Apollo-Browser.

Utilizing a unique feature that embeds Facebook's chat feature into the browser itself, users are not even required to be using the site to engage in conversations with their friends.  As you can see from the screenshot at right it seamlessly integrates with the browser to create a one-of-a-kind internet experience on the iPad.

Coming soon, the developer has plans to add a breakout video player as well, that will allow you to watch media online, while not interrupting the browsing experience.  You can look for this awesome update to be coming to the App Store very soon.  Until then, enjoy surfing the information superhighway while still staying in the social loop.


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