Agents of Storm: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to be the Strongest Out There

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 30th, 2014
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Calling all agents:
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Have you downloaded Agents of Storm, been bowled over by the graphics, and aren't quite sure what to do next? Never fear, for we’re here with some handy tips and tricks to help any beginner get started!

Diamonds Are Your Best Friend

  • Diamonds don’t come easily in this game, which is a shame because they’re very useful. For that reason, don’t use them early on. Encouraging you to do exactly that is a common thing with games like this, but resist. There’s just no point using them up to save you a minute of time, when later on they’ll be far more useful.
  • To boost your diamond supply, work towards the achievements that Agents of Storm likes you to complete. You’ll earn a few diamonds here and there for completing some fairly straightforward tasks.
  • You can watch videos for free diamonds, too. It’s a bit tedious, but it's handy when trying to earn more. You could always leave the video playing while doing something else away from your phone for those few seconds!

  • Put those diamonds towards the many enhancements in the shop. These can make all the difference. The Build Module reduces the cool down time between buildings, while Pagoda gives you experience just for being there. Waterfall gives you more gold from every attack you complete.
  • Focus on upgrading your resource gathering buildings for that very reason. Gold is particularly useful as it’s needed for attacking islands. As island attacks are your main source of progressing anywhere in the game, you want to focus on this.

Attack is the Best Form of... Attacking

  • Before placing your boats, check out the radar view to see where enemy turrets are covering. There are usually weak points that you can seek out, such as an area where you won’t be struck much. Try to avoid being hit by more than one turret at a time, for obvious reasons.
  • You have multiple options when it comes to where to place your boats. Keep it balanced. Got less than eight boats? Stick to putting them onto sides evenly. You don’t want one side being overpowered while the other struggles.
  • Unlike other games like this, you don’t lose troops when the battle is over. Go nuts with deploying them. Better to overwhelm your opponent than eke out victory.

  • Collect as many jade barrels along the way as possible. You can’t take them with you afterwards, so use them extensively.
  • Once more ship types have been unlocked, follow a specific order of deployment. Send out minesweepers first to take out the mines, before sending in ironclad boats to soak everything up. Only then do you send the speedboats out as your form of infantry.
  • Save drone ships for when you’re desperate and in a tough bind. You can only use them once, although they are extremely effective.
  • Ladder matches are great, providing you’re prepared with a full fleet. Otherwise steer clear as they’re pretty tough.
  • Replay easy missions from time to time. You’ll gain extra resources, plus it’s a good way of honing your strategies.

Agents of Storm

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2014-10-22 :: Category: Game


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