Age of Wushu Dynasty is more than a mere mobile port of the PC MMO, Age of Wushu - it's a brand new game in itself.

That being said, it does carry on the legacy remarkably well. You'll still be dedicating yourself to a Kung Fu school, battling other martial arts masters for supremacy, and exploring a beautiful world based on the fictional Chinese world of Jianghu.

We reached out to Choc Qian, Senior Marketing Manager at Snail Games, to learn more about how Age of Wushu Dynasty differs from the PC MMO, the technical limitations of mobile as an MMO platform, and how Age of Wushu Dynasty will crossover with the PC MMO - if at all.

How does Age of Wushu Dynasty differ from the original PC MMO?

"Age of Wushu Dynasty took the core mechanics of the PC MMO, Age of Wushu, and adapted them to best fit the mobile platform.

"The Wushu universe presents a vivid depiction of "Jianghu" - a martial arts fantasy world based on the historic peak of traditional Kung Fu.

"Age of Wushu Dynasty takes that legacy and improves on it for mobile, using touch screen controls and more condensed gameplay while retaining the core of Age of Wushu - the unique progression and combat systems, the PvP, and the school conflict."

Was a straight port not possible then?

"Porting Age of Wushu posed graphical and mechanical challenges, and making the transition from a mouse and keyboard to a touch screen required some modifications to the gameplay.

"When designing these new systems, we worked hard to retain what was at the heart of Age of Wushu, and, actually ended up making some improvements that could only be possible through the mobile platform."

What are the technical limitations in making an MMO for mobile?

"We've been satisfied with how well the platform has held up for online multiplayer systems.

"During our closed beta, team co-op missions and large scale multiplayer PvP definitely pushed the limits, but our servers handled it quite well."

"However, connectivity is definitely a big factor to consider. For certain game modes - particularly multiplayer - mobile data can sometimes run into issues, so Wi-Fi has always been the best choice when playing the really intensive multiplayer modes.

"Also the device requirements of activities like multiplayer are also important. Devices with different CPUs will perform differently and we've had to design with that in mind.

"We cannot guarantee that every single device can handle 50 characters gaming within the same screen, but we do our best.

"Ultimately we recommend a solid Wi-Fi signal for situations where lag becomes an issue."

Do you plan to support Age of Wushu Dynasty with regular content updates?

"Definitely, we will continue to make more schools and content available in the future."

Will there be any crossover with the PC game?

"Well, first of all, Age of Wushu Dynasty and Age of Wushu are essentially set in the same universe - the same world of martial artists, schools, and conflict.

"However, they are distinct games, and with that they have different game systems and mechanics. They both aim to capture the essence of martial arts, but do so in unique ways that fit their respective platforms.

"So we don't have any specific plans to connect the two games at the moment, but we do plan to carry a lot of the ideas and developments from Age of Wushu over to Age of Wushu Dynasty, as we look at future content."

Age of Wushu Dynasty will launch on iOS and Android in January 2016.

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