Age of Wushu Dynasty is a mobile reimagining of Age of Wushu [Sponsored]

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 11th, 2015

Age of Wushu Dynasty is more than a mere mobile port of the PC MMO, Age of Wushu - it's a brand new game in itself.

That being said, it does carry on the legacy remarkably well. You'll still be dedicating yourself to a Kung Fu school, battling other martial arts masters for supremacy, and exploring a beautiful world based on the fictional Chinese world of Jianghu.

We reached out to Choc Qian, Senior Marketing Manager at Snail Games, to learn more about how Age of Wushu Dynasty differs from the PC MMO, the technical limitations of mobile as an MMO platform, and how Age of Wushu Dynasty will crossover with the PC MMO - if at all.