Wind-Up Knight 2 from Robot Invader is nearing release, and we'll be streaming a preview build with the developers this afternoon. We'll be showing off the game and some of the new things that players can expect to see - and viewers can join up in the Twitch chat to get their burning questions answered. Sadly, we don't have a DDR pad available to play the game with.

So join us at 4:15 PM EDT (3:15 PM CDT, 1:15 PM CDT, 9:15 PM GMT) to check out this upcoming game. To watch and chat, just watch on our Twitch page. You can also watch in the embedded viewer below. Here early? Watch our previous livestream of Frontline Commando 2 while you wait.

Miss the live show? No sweat, we have an archive of the whole thing below:

[twitchrecorded 509896821,148Apps]

See the basics of the game and some of the new stuff:

[twitchhighlight 3861261,148Apps]

See the challenging new ice sections, find out how the team at Robot Invader approaches level design, and why gamepad support was so important to them:

[twitchhighlight 3861305,148Apps]

Learn about why the new side-missions are so important to progress, and just how they change the way you play:

[twitchhighlight 3861327,148Apps]

Follow us on Twitch to find out when we go live next!

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