Save the world with SCIENCE in the upcoming TerraGenesis 5.0 update

Posted by Dave Bradley on May 9th, 2019

Previous versions of space colonization game TerraGenesis encouraged you to explore the galaxy and settle its planets. The eagerly-awaited 5.0 update will try to smash them to bits.

Yep, with a new "world killers" setting, you can unleash extinction events on your worlds and see how they survive.

It's considered an expert challenge, for those who've been enjoying the settle-'em-up indie game since it launched a couple of years back. Can the ecosystem you've been carefully fostering survive an incoming asteroid? We were told at this year's GDC event in San Francisco that it IS possible to stop the fiery ball of death (as scientists call them) but more than likely your challenge will come in the form of a rebuilding plan once devastation strikes.