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One Hand Clapper Lite
Have you ever tried to clap with one hand? Sounds impossible, doesn't it? But believe it or not, it is possible!

Go ahead, try it. Once you get the hang of it, try seeing how many one handed claps you can do in 60 seconds. Feel the burn as your hand goes back and forth. Fight through the pain. What was your final count? 20?... 50?... 100?... or higher?

Now, don't feel bad if you can't clap with one hand. We don't want you to feel left out. The Band of Brothers Racing One Hand Clap iPhone App is just for you. Simply load the app, press "Start" and start clapping. It'll keep count for you.

Once you've clapped, post your score to your Facebook account and brag to your friends how many one hand claps you can do.

The real question is, How many one handed claps can you do?

This Lite version includes Ads. There is a PRO version without ads.

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