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Improved dog whistle, plus human blow whistle that mimics the sound of the whistle that referees use at sports events.

App Description

Using a collection of professional dog training experts, we compiled the ultimate dog training guide. Learn to train your dog to relieve himself outside your house, sit, lie down, shake your hand, fetch, close doors, and more. Each command is described in detailed steps, so that you can focus on training your puppy the proper way.

As a bonus, we included a silent dog whistle for you to use to train your dog. Now you can train your dog to obey your commands with a tap of a button.

Whistler Features:
Whistles from 8 kHz to 22 kHz.
Mimic a human whistle.
Mimic a normal blow whistle used by police.
Set a time length for the duration of the whistle sound.

You can also use the ultrasound whistle as a form of a human hearing test. Find out how your ears match up to others in your age group. Use headphones for more accurate results. Here is the chart:

8 kHz

10 kHz
Age 60 & Younger

12 kHz
Age 50 & Younger

14 kHz
Age 49 & Younger

15 kHz
Age 39 & Younger

16 kHz
Age 30 & Younger

17-19 kHz
Age 24 & Younger

20-22 kHz:
Age 18 & Younger

This app also makes it a great way to annoy teenagers who loiter around your property. Just set it to a frequency that you cannot hear, but they can hear. High frequency noises are annoying because they resemble the sound of fingernails scraping across a chalkboard. Ouch!

Some claim that high frequency noises also repel against insects, bugs, rodents, and pests such as mosquitoes. We are skeptical about these anti-mosquito methods. But in case it does work, we included a longer timer for the whistle. You can set the timer from between 30 seconds to 9 hours. Then you can go to sleep with your device protecting you from parasites and rats. Try the different frequencies to see which one the insects and rodents in your area hate the most.

We suggest using an external speaker for better results. The iPhone speakers are not very loud at the higher frequencies. The 1st Gen iPod Touch will need an external speaker/headphones to get the whistler to work.

Reply to Customers:
chickenturkeyknight4326 - We made the changes you requested. It will be in the next update when Apple approves it.

What's Coming Soon:
New tricks, images, and a clicker

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Dog Whistle Elite (Training Guide + Clicker included) screenshot 1 Dog Whistle Elite (Training Guide + Clicker included) screenshot 2 Dog Whistle Elite (Training Guide + Clicker included) screenshot 3 Dog Whistle Elite (Training Guide + Clicker included) screenshot 4 Dog Whistle Elite (Training Guide + Clicker included) screenshot 5

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