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- Optimized Browsing allows you to view non-mobile sites quickly and formatted to fit on your screen
- Buttons in Full-Screen Mode: Now you can navigate through the app without the toolbars.

App Description

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Some say that the mainstream media is controlled by liberals. Conserva is here to correct that wrong by bringing you the latest news, video, and radio without the liberal bias. Listen to the radio live while you drive to work. Quickly glance at the newest headline news and share them with your friends. Watch breaking news as it happens with video.

Ready for Enhanced News Reading (ENR)?

1. Tilt to scroll - Be able to read news articles are you own pace by tilting the iPhone. The more you tilt it, the faster it will scroll. Finger-scrolling still works while you tilt-scroll.

2. Save articles in your iPhone - Be able to read articles without the internet. Simply bookmark a page, and the text from the article will be saved to your device.

3. Integration with Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook, DIGG, reddit, del.icio.us and many more - Share your favorite articles with your friends and family or save them for later.

4. Visual Bookmarks - Browse your bookmarks by icons instead of by text.

5. Ad-free Browsing - All the sites included in this app have been optimized for your iPhone and stripped of extra images, such as advertisements/banners.

6. News Search Bar - Search through millions of news articles using our search engine powered by Google.

+Many more features inside!

News sources including:

Free Republic

CNS News





Red State

The Wall Street Journal

New York Post

Real Clear Politics

The Washington Times

World Net Daily

+ More

How to add a site to the "Top Sites"
Simply go to the site that you wish to add, and add it as a bookmark. It will be added to the front page.

Got more sources you want to add? Let us know by visiting our website at SmartestApple.com

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Conserva - Right Wing News screenshot 1 Conserva - Right Wing News screenshot 2 Conserva - Right Wing News screenshot 3 Conserva - Right Wing News screenshot 4 Conserva - Right Wing News screenshot 5

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