App Description

Discover and connect hidden patterns by twisting, flipping and rolling tiles. Without completed examples, rely on your intuition to merge tiles into a beautiful piece of art. The game starts with a few flat tiles, but quickly challenges your mind with hidden connections, optical illusions, 3D shapes and tiles in mind-boggling hyperbolic space!

Each of the 77 handcrafted levels brings something new to pleasantly tease your brain. Themes are inspired by classic Spanish floor tiles, MC Escher's hyperbolic wood carvings and Moebius ring sketches, Nature, eastern mosaics, Celtic knots, ice crystals, Origami, retro games and wallpapers, minimalistic Mondriaan paintings, and 3D visual illusions such as impossible Penrose triangles.

Twisty Tiles' minimalistic visuals and serene music bring you in a relaxed, focused mood. No distractions like scores or time pressure. Let your brain do what it excels in by nature: solve challenging puzzles without any instructions. And just in case, hints are available. You may need them for the mind-busting finale: Spherium Superium, the giant 3D black, red and gold diamond ball!


iPhone Screenshots

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App Changes

  • November 26, 2019 Initial release