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DotEmu Summer Sale Cuts Several Games’ Prices to $0.99

Posted by on August 21st, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

DotEmu have started a summer sale for their iOS catalogue, knocking the price of seven games down to just under a dollar for a limited time.

The games on sale are:

No end date has been announced for this sale, so you may not want to delay if you want any these games at this price!


DotEmu, the prolific cross-platform development house, is marking it’s seventh anniversary by slashing app prices by up to 80% – all the way down to $0.99 for a limited time.

Apps like Earth Defense Force, Nicky Boom 2, and the three parts of the Double Dragon Trilogy are all on sale for just under a dollar. Also included in the sale are fan favorites like The Last Express, R-Type, and R-Type 2.

The apps are available on the App Store.

dotemu sale

via: DotEmu Press Release
R.Type Review

R.Type Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
There might be a subtle name change but R.Type is still as fiendishly difficult as it ever was.

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R-Type Review

R-Type Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
R-Type is a fantastic port of the classic Irem shmup, which means that you should prepare for an insane challenge. And some tears.

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Phantasy Star II – SEGA’s classic console RPG finally finds a home on the iPhone. Hundreds of items to find, dozens of places to explore, and countless hours of your life gone to this addictive RPG.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-08-26 :: Category: Games

R Type – That’s right, EA’s 80’s classic side scrolling shooter is finally available for play in the palms of your hands. Think you got the cojones to beat this abusively hard game?

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-08-26 :: Category: Games

Knight’s Rush – Knight’s Rush is the follow up to the immensely popular A Quest of Knights Onrush. Unlike Knights Onrush, you take control of one character and guide them through side scrolling beat ‘em up mayhem adventures. Think Castle Crashers meets the iPhone. Knights Rush will have you battling through eight worlds, fifty baddies, eight bosses, and the urge to curse Chillingo for their addictive gaming drugs.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-08-26 :: Category: Games

Photoburst – There are times when your fingers just can’t tap the camera button fast enough to capture all the action of a scene. Photoburst will do all that tapping for you, right down to the millisecond. Capture all the action without all the finger frustration.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-08-09 :: Category: Photography

Blancspot – Put a new spin on your music news with Blancspot. This image centric news app puts you right in the shoes of the photo journalist. Live Twitter feeds keep the news relevant and up to date. This is news you have to see to appreciate.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-08-19 :: Category: News

EA, being the large gaming corporation that they are, have released their upcoming summer and fall lineup… and it’s huge.

Madden NFL 11 – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch – Fall – Everyone’s favorite NFL game is back this year, but with a few cool features that will make the game even more intuitive on a touch device. The new “Gameflow” feature is the one that I’m most excited about, as it gives players the ability to spend “less time in the playbook and more time on the field”.

“Coaches don’t go into a game with their full playbook like you do in our game. When it’s 2nd down and 3 yards to go, they don’t thumb through a 3-ring binder with 350 plays in it. They find tendencies before the game and build a game plan to exploit the other team’s weaknesses. This means they call plays based on the situation.”

To make the game quicker, and more realistic in the process, “Gameflow” has the “coach” pick the play based on the situation you are in and then radio it to you, letting you see the play on the field like you normally would. If an audible needs to be called, there is now the ability to draw hot routes anywhere, letting you devise whatever route you would like, on the fly.

Check out our hands-on article here for a more detailed look.

[Source: EA Sports]

Reckless Racing – iPhone, iPad – Summer – Remember the amazing looking tp-down racing game, Deliverance, that never came out? It turns out that it was bought by EA, and has been renamed Reckless Racing. Reckless Racing “mixes old-school top-down racing game play with state of the art graphics and engaging multiplayer features.” EA seems to be touting its online features more than anything else, promising “fully stocked internet multiplayer mode, on-line leaderboards and the ability to trade ghost races with other players from all over the world”. If the game plays half as good as it looks, you’ll see me playing Reckless Racing non stop when it launches later this summer.

For a more in depth look, check out our recent hands-on article.

NCAA Football – iPhone – Now – NCAA Football is EA’s first app designed specifically for the iPhone 4. While it doesn’t have all the new bells and whistles that Madden will have, it does have over 55 of the most well known colleges so you can support the team that you love… and it does look pretty.

Sim City Deluxe – iPhone, iPod Touch – Summer – EA seems to have addressed all the glitches in their first attempt at Sim City, and have made an app that is much more playable. All of the menus have been redesigned, and the glitch that has buildings disappear when you zoom out should be gone. Also added are the famed Sim City disasters, which could possibly bring over the Pocket God set that have sites on tormenting even more souls. There is also a rumor about an iPad version in the works, but nothing has been announced… so don’t get your hopes up.

[Source: IGN]

The Sims 3 Ambitions – iPhone, iPod Touch – Summer – There aren’t many details about this one floating around, but it does seem to be the iPhone counterpart to the PC expansion pack with the same name. According to EA, in “Sims 3 Ambitions, players decide whether their Sim will be the brave town hero or cause loads of mischief among their neighbors. Their future is entirely in the player’s hands!”

Sims 3 Ambitions will add many often requested features to the Sims on the iPhone. New large features like careers, babies, and building new structures make this a pretty huge new version.

Yahtzee – iPad – Summer – Everyone’s favorite dice rolling game is coming this summer, and it will surely be prettier than the thing that you have to unpack out of the box.

Risk – iPhone, iPod Touch – Summer – I’m not sure what took EA so long to come out with Risk, but this announcement will surely make many people happy. I liked Lux DLX alright, and think that Strategery is a great Risk alternative, but there’s nothing like the real thing. As long as EA gets the AI right, this one will be a winner.

R-Type – iPhone, iPod Touch – Summer – Just like you remembered it, R-Type is keeping “100 percent true to the original game allowing fans to get back to the ‘80s video-arcade experience in the palm of their hands.” As I wrote in an earlier preview article, the original R-Type is “the most frustratingly difficult game outside of playing a Don Bluth game in the arcade”. There is a distinct possibility that my iPhone will end up thrown across the room.

Be sure to check after the jump for some more great screenshots.

R-Type, one of the most influential shooters of all time, is coming to your favorite iDevice. Most people remember the game as a fun shooter that they would play every now and again, but I remember it as the most frustratingly difficult game outside of playing a Don Bluth game in the arcade.

IGN best said in a list of the top 10 toughest games to beat that “R-Type requires you to memorize the level layout (of course, you’ll have to memorize the attack patterns, too). And the only way to do this is through a system of trial and error. Play a level, die, play again but take a different path, get a little farther, die… To make matters worse, your ship is the slowest, least maneuverable hunk of junk in the galaxy.”

As painful as the memories are, R-Type will inevitably be on my iPhone when it goes live. EA says that it will be a faithful recreation of the original, except for the three control options (D-Pad, Accelerometer, and touch). Check out their newly released screenshots… they might stir up some painful memories.


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