Sure .. we've seen rally-type games before, but what you probably haven't seen is one that just looks this good. Below is the first teaser trailer from Pixelbite Games of their debut App Store application, Deliverace. Imagine a classic top-down racing game like Neo Drift Out .. and then times it by ten!

I have to say, if this teaser video does depict anywhere close to what we can expect from Deliverace's actual gameplay quality, I'm pretty excited. I think this one could be a pretty big hit.

With no word on pricing yet, it's hard to tell just how much of a hit this will be on its debut. But, with 3D graphics like the above .. I think we're in for quite a visual treat. According to the studio Deliverace is set to hit our iPhone screens 'Early 2010' - and considering its the start of March already, I can't see the release being too far away, can you?

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