Reckless Racing, from Pixelbite and Polarbit, soon to be published by EA, was originally called Deliverence when we first looked at it in March. Since then, Polarbit have adjusted the release, the name, and decided to release it as an EA Partner release. Which is all well and good as the game seems pretty much unchanged other than the name. It's all here, the multiple play modes, different control modes, online multiplayer (take note EA), and fantastic realism. Though it does look like they had to get rid of the orange Dukes of Hazard General Lee look-alike car and replace it with a blue one. Oh well.

First, a little recap. Reckless Racing is a top down, 3/4 view racer with up to 6 cars on the track at once. You control your racer around 12 different tracks in three different play modes (Dirt Rally, Hot Lap, Delivery). The game is rendered in really nice 3D -- both the cars and the scenery. Really looking forward to the online multiplayer -- this should be interesting. It didn't appear that it was using any of the known social gaming networks (OpenFeint, Plus+, etc.) and could either be a custom one or details are just hidden.

Dirt Rally is a progressive career mode where you get medals for winning races and that leads to unlocking more and more race tracks (12 in total). Hot Lap has you competing for the fastest time in a lap. And the interesting Delivery mode has you hook up a trailer to your car -- which causes all kinds of interesting driving. Delivering your trailer contents (or what's left of them) at the end of the race and within a time limit nets you a dollar amount (the more that stays in the trailer, the more you earn).

More good news today though -- even though it wasn't available to take a look at, Reckless Racing will also be coming to the iPad. From the screenshots (see below), it looks pretty fantastic on the iPad, I can't wait to try it. Here's the original video when the game was still called Deliverance.

Reckless Racing will be out sometime this summer. Considering it has to be almost done, I hope that really means soon!

Hit the jump for more screen shots from the iPhone and iPad versions of Reckless Racing.


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