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This week’s how to was inspired by a recent conversation I had with my family. My mom got an iPad, and she wanted to use it to keep in touch with the rest of her family, who all use iOS devices in some capacity. My dad set her up with a free texting app, but I wondered why not use iMessage? He didn’t even know what that was. It seems as if casual users are not entirely aware of what iMessage is and what it can do.

iMessages are messages similar to SMS that are sent through the Messages app on iOS 5 and later. They can be sent over wifi or a user’s data plan, instead of using up a messaging plan. iMessages can be sent to a person’s email address that they have registered with iMessage. iPhone users can register their phone number to receive iMessages, and the app can send out both traditional SMS messages and iMessages. SMS messages are represented by green bubbles, iMessage are blue bubbles.

iMessage makes it easy to to send photos and videos to friends. Also, there’s no character limit for iMessages, which is a blessing and a curse. iMessages carry across devices, so a conversation can be started on iPhone andreplied to on iPad and even on Macs with Mountain Lion. Messages can be sent while on wifi, if mobile data is unavailable on the iPhone.

To ensure iMessage is working, go to Settings, Messages, and ensure that it’s turned on. From this menu, it’s possible to enable different email addresses to receive iMessages at, and the default ID from which they will appear.

Don’t know if someone is an iMessage user? Create a new message, start typing in their phone number or email address, and the device will look up to see if they’re registered. Their name bubble will first be gray with a spinning circle. It turns blue if the user is registered, and red with an exclamation point if their email address is not registered.

A handy tip that many users don’t know about is to resend an iMessage as an SMS. Just tap and hold on the message bubble until a dialog to “Resend as SMS” appears. This is handy if the person being messaged is out of data range, or uses an Android phone along with their iPad or iPod touch. If iMessage becomes too complicated to use, it can also be disabled by turning it off from the iMessage settings menu. However, it’s worth leaving enabled for the benefits it provides.

This Week at 148Apps: July 9-13

This week at, we got into the game with our look at CoachNote. Writer Jennifer Allen says, “CoachNote offers a way of creating sports drills, strategies and tactics, all from an iOS device and it’ll be a real hit for coaches as well as fans. The app makes it easy to create complex plays and strategies with tools for drawing lines in multiple colors to explain what’s going on.”


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-01-27 :: Category: Sports

Meanwhile, took a closer look at Brave: Storybook Deluxe. Reviewer Amy Solomon writes, “As one would expect from this Disney Pixar film, the illustrations, music and narration are quite striking and beautifully crafted – especially the brilliant use of bright and bold colors which was the main detail that caught my eye the first time I saw a trailer for this film.”

Read Amy’s full review at GiggleApps.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2012-06-14 :: Category: Entertainment presented a guest editorial from Matthew Palmer, founder and CEO of Marketing Your App. Palmer says, “After all the hard work of creating a mobile app, there is one decision that can sink even promising apps more than any other: choosing a price. Knowing what to charge for any product is tough, but the peculiar world of the App Store makes it a top question for even savvy developers.

The rewards are great: Apple has already paid out $4 billion to app creators who have combined a smart app with good marketing. But, too often, sticker shock leads customers to ignore otherwise helpful apps. When developers choose the wrong price, more often than not it seems, they aim too high.”

Read the rest of ‘Why You’re Charging Too Much for Your App’ at

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This week at, writer Carter Dotson explored all things Zombie with his Favorite Four list. He writes, “May is Zombie Awareness Month. While pop culture seems intent on making us aware of zombies on a regular basis, this is the special month for zombies. May is almost over, but that doesn’t mean there’s not just enough time left to celebrate with some zombie-themed apps.”

Read Carter’s full list at

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-02-27 :: Category: Healthcare & Fitness

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-10-27 :: Category: Games

Meanwhile, everything over at GiggleApps got dotty, as Amy Solomon reviewed Dot Collector, saying, “Dot Collector is a very nice universal app for the youngest children with simple game play, wonderfully bright colors and soothing sounds that babies will enjoy. This app is utterly intuitive to use as players need to simply drag moving dots into a black dot, clearing the board. A new dot is added to each additional level, adding to the game play.”

Read Amy’s review at kid-centric

Finally, Kevin Stout on reported on the increasing numbers of young children using smartphones. Stout writes, “There’s no such thing as to young when it comes to smartphones and tablets. When keeping in mind the younger audiences when developing apps, even the youngest of children have a high percentage of exposure to mobile devices. An infographic released by has reported that 38% of 0-8 year-olds have used tablets or smartphones.”

Read the complete report at

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So, it’s that time of year again! BBQs, lawn chairs, beer, and the ability to finally wear shorts with sandals without fear of frostbite. Tan those legs and check out all the huge sales that are going on across the App Store below. We’ll try and keep it updated as we go this weekend, so be sure to let us know of any good sales on iOS apps that you find in the comments below.

Starting with EA, here are a few of their almost 50 titles discounted for Memorial Day. App Shopper has a nice list of all the EA titles on sale, too.

Mirror's Edge™ for iPad - price returned to $9.99, was on sale for $1.99

On Sale Now-
Sale: FREE!
iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2011-11-17 :: Category: Games

On Sale Now-
Sale: $0.99
iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2011-12-15 :: Category: Games

Burnout™ CRASH! - price returned to $4.99, was on sale for $0.99

SHIFT 2 Unleashed for iPad - price returned to $4.99, was on sale for $0.99

Max and the Magic Marker for iPad - price returned to $2.99, was on sale for $0.99

Real Racing 2 - price returned to $4.99, was on sale for $0.99

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This Week at 148Apps: March 19-23

This week at, writer Jennifer Allen launched her review of Angry Birds Space, saying, “There’s a temptation to declare that Angry Birds Space is more of the same. That wouldn’t be a bad thing by any means. While there’s no doubt that marketing has played a big role in its success, Angry Birds is still one of the best casual gaming experiences out there. It benefits greatly from that “just one more go” mentality and a lot can be achieved in a short amount of time. Angry Birds Space ups the ante in that respect by introducing a sufficient number of new features to ensure that it’s not just more of the same, while still retaining the original game’s charm.”

Read the full review at

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2012-03-22 :: Category: Games

Amy Solomon, at, also wrote about birds this week, but these took the form of her review of Draw and Tell HD by Duck Duck Moose. Solomon writes, “Draw and Tell HD – by Duck Duck Moose is a creative and fun art app that allows young artists to record personal narration to their finished pieces, including a multitude of art supplies to work with. Both iPad as well as iPhone versions are available.

Children have a choice of expressing themselves by choosing a blank page to begin their art work or choosing a coloring page to work on. Another wonderful function of this app is the ability to choose a photo from the device’s camera roll to use as a background as well.

Read more from Solomon’s review on GiggleApps.

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2012-02-29 :: Category: Education

Finally, featured a report by Kevin Stout about the astonishing growth of iOS and Android activations in China. Stout writes, “China has recently become the leader in new iOS and Android device adoption (phones and tablets). It’s also finished the year in 2nd for application sessions, only behind the U.S. Specifically, China’s app session growth between last year and this year is 1126%. That’s nearly double the closest country (Argentina).”

Read the full report on

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Happy Holidays! If you’re like many folks, you’ll have gotten a new iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch this holiday season. And if you’re looking for a place to learn all about this new magical device in your life, you’ve come to the right place. 148Apps has tons of resources on using your new device and filling it with the best thing about it: apps.


Learning The Basics

The operating system of these devices is one of the most intuitive around. However, there’s always more waiting under the hood to make things just that much easier or better on us. While your new iPhone or iPad may not come with a manual, you can download one fairly simply from the iBooks Store. First, grab ”iBooks” (FREE!, + Universal App), then grab the manual for your new iPad, iPhone, or
iPod touch.

Speaking of the operating system, we’ve written a few articles about the latest and greatest from Cupertino right here on 148Apps. Check out our Full Feature Roundup on iOS 5.

We even published some downloadable magazine-style User Guides last year, on each of the devices. Feel free to grab them and read through them – many of the tips and tricks included there are just as relevant today as they were then. iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


To the iCloud!!!

You may have seen some of the information about iCloud in the Apple TV commercials. It’s a great system that gives you unprecedented storage and sharing options. Here’s a short intro to iCloud from Apple.

We’ve got you covered with iCloud as well. Here’s information on both moving your data to the iCloud to help keep things synced and backed up. You may also need more information on how you set up iCloud in a multiple user family. This details all the ins and outs of multiple user groups who may otherwise share iTunes accounts.


There Really is an App for That

Once you’ve got a good handle on using that sleek new iOS device, you’ll of course want to dive in and start downloading apps. Whether you’re an avid gamer, a music lover, a book reader or even (gasp) all three, you’ll find everything you need in the iTunes Store.

When it comes to Apps, iOS has no peer. There are over 500,000 apps in the App Store, so you’ll doubtlessly find something you like. The trick, however, is filtering through all of those apps to find the specific things you want. That can be tricky, but luckily there are many ways to help.

First off are our very own reviews. We review a ton of apps weekly to give you the best recommendations about the best apps we find. Be sure to look through our Reviews lists, which can be filtered by type of app as well as sorted by date, app name, or app rating. If you just want to read reviews of our highest rated iPad games, for example, it’s an easy click. And for on the go browsing of 148Apps reviews, grab the ”148Apps App”.

In addition, we have our famous Price Drops lists, which can be sorted to just show the latest drops in prices, or even just the latest FREE apps. Very handy, if we say so ourselves. If you’re looking for the very latest additions to the App Store, we have a list for that, as well as one for the Top Apps across all the App Store categories for each device. Then of course there’s always the very best of the best in free apps available in the free games and free apps lists.

If you want even more app discovering goodness, you might want to check out a few apps made to help you wade through the App Store. Some of our favorites are ”AppShopper” (FREE!, + Universal App), ”Chomp” (FREE!, iPhone App), and ”AppZapp” (FREE!, iPhone App). There are even specific apps to help you find the latest free apps. Some of the best include ”Free App A Day” (FREE!, iPhone App), ”Apps Gone Free”, and “Free App Alliance” (FREE!, iPhone App). These will all help you sort and find and browse apps and games to your heart’s content; we use them all the time to find new great apps to use and write about on the site.


Where Else To Find 148Apps?

We’re everywhere, really. However, the best places to find us are on Twitter, Facebook, and now even Google+. Be sure to come visit and chat with us there. We’re ever so responsive.


Free Apps You Shouldn’t Do Without

Now, we wouldn’t be the premier Apps review site without some sort of parting gift, now would we? How about some apps you really should try out? To make the deal even sweeter, let’s make them free apps.

iBooks, Nook, & Kindle – Reading ebooks is all the rage these days, especially on these fancy new iOS devices. We love reading on our iPad, and have even been known to crack a virtual spine or two on our iPhone while waiting at the doctor’s office. For those of you with shorter attention spans, there’s always Newsstand, iOS’s magazine subscription service. Some of the best ereader apps include ”iBooks” (FREE!, + Universal App), ”Nook for iPhone” (FREE!, + Universal App), ”Nook for iPad”, and ”Kindle” (FREE!, + Universal App). Happy reading!

Facebook, Twitter, & Instant Messaging – Keep in touch with family, friends, and us – your favorite Apps website – with these free social networking apps. Tell ‘em 148Apps sent you!
There’s Facebook (FREE!, + Universal App), Twitter (FREE!, + Universal App) though ”Tweetbot” ($4.99, iPhone App) is much better, though not free like the official Twitter app.

For instant messaging, check out ”imo” (FREE!, + Universal App) and ”imo for iPad” (FREE!, iPad App). And don’t forget ”Skype” (FREE!, iPhone App) and ”Skype for iPad” (FREE!, iPad App). We’ve become big fans of ”GroupMe” (FREE!, + Universal App) lately too for group communication.

Gaming on the Cheap – Now, we put out a sweet weekly article that tells you about the latest FREE gaming apps, but here are a few we think you won’t want to miss. We could go on for hours about it, really, but these should get you off to a good start.

For a great free endless runner, check out ”Temple Run” (FREE!, + Universal App). A wonderful game. For some great physics puzzle fun, the new king is ”Where’s My Water? Free” (FREE!, + Universal App) and you can never go wrong with the classic ”Angry Birds Free” (FREE!, iPhone App). A couple other free games we really like include ”The Sims Freeplay” (FREE!, + Universal App) and ”TinyTower” (FREE!, + Universal App).

You should also check out our massive iOS game and app sale post. There are tons of great deals and quite a few temporarily free apps there. Be sure to grab the great ”Jetpack Joyride” (FREE!, + Universal App) while it’s free. It’s one of our favorite games of the year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about your new magical iOS devices. The iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are some of the best new gadgets to give or receive. Be sure to come back often to see what we have for you; we’re always looking to find the news or apps you want to know about first. From all of us here to all of you out there, Happy Holidays!!!

iOS 5 Feature Roundup


As Apple announced last week just before the new iPhone 4S launch comes the release of iOS5 today. We’re pretty amazed by all the new stuff in the next mobile OS from Apple. Seriously, there’s a ton of new things in this release, making even our “old” iPhone 4 seem like an entirely new phone. Released today, and available right now, here’s what iOS has in store for us all!

Hit the jump to see all of the great new features of iOS 5.

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This summer I did something a little unusual: I went to Japan. For two months, I lived with a host family, studied Japanese, and explored the small city I was living in. Quickly, one of my possessions became my most prized…my new iPod Touch, purchased just before my trip to replace a broken, older one. My iPod is my companion and entertainment source during normal life, but while in Japan it took on some extra uses.

For any international traveler or student, I think that having in iPhone or iPod Touch can be an enormous help. Here are some of the ways I used my iPod while in Japan.

As a study tool
I was enrolled in a summer language intensive program at the Hokkaido International Foundation. Theoretically, we fit a year’s worth of language instruction into two months. (Yikes.) As a result, I was doing a lot of studying, and my iPod was a huge help in this regard.

Dictionary Apps
First, my Japanese/English dictionary app. I used Japanese, but other students used the free Kotoba or other apps like Midori. Regardless, all of these apps had marked advantages over traditional dictionaries. First and foremost, iPods and iPhones are far more portable than paper dictionaries or even “electronic dictionary” devices. Using an app was easy and fast. Furthermore, Japanese in particular is interesting because the kanji, or characters, are difficult to look up in a traditional dictionary. iPhone dictionary apps generally let you input kanji using a number of methods, including “handwriting,” making them much more useful.

Hardly anyone used a traditional dictionary. In my program, of the 50-odd students I’d estimate that 75% of us had iPod Touches or iPhones, and just about everyone who did used either Kotoba or another dictionary app on a regular basis.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2008-09-16 :: Category: Reference

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2008-09-27 :: Category: Reference

Secondly, I was desperately trying to learn quickly enough to keep up with my daily quizzes and weekly tests, which meant, for me, flashcards. My commute to school included a half-hour on the bus each way, making my iPhone an excellent way to discreetly study. Using a flashcard app was great because I could fit study time in during all my little breaks: standing in line, while commuting, waiting for dinner to be ready…it really was incredibly convenient.

I personally made extensive use of Anki. Anki is a stellar flashcard program that is primarily for the desktop, where it’s free. The iOS version costs a somewhat-steep $25 and is less polished than its desktop counterpart. However, for me it was still a good buy. Anki’s magic is that it uses a spaced repetition algorithm, introducing cards at intervals according to previous response data. So, I would see my new vocabulary and kanji very often while older cards would show up occasionally. I’ve yet to see a better way of handling data retention; reviewing hundreds of paper flashcards quickly becomes unfeasible. I flirted with other flashcard apps but none met my needs like Anki, though Anki does have its problems…and that pricetag.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-05-27 :: Category: Education

Homesickness and the iPod’s “Normal” Features
One thing I hadn’t counted on was how much I would miss “stupid” things like the sound of English.

In an environment that was all Japan, all the time, sometimes I wanted something familiar. So, I turned to my iPod for things like familiar music, photos from home, e-books, and TV clips from childhood shows. Also, since I didn’t really have internet access with my host family, my iPod became my primary device for using the Internet. Facebook might be a form of procrastination, but when it came to keeping in touch, a mixture of email, Facebook, and Tumblr—all of which I accessed and used from my iPod—helped me to stay connected with people from home.

On the non-homesickness front, I used the iPod’s camera when my “real” camera died or filled up with photos, or when I wanted to be more discreet. I used the Notes app frequently, too.

Do these uses sound trivial? Perhaps; and yet, they’re part of why my iPod was so precious to me while in Japan.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2008-07-11 :: Category: Social Networking

Really, my dictionary app and my flashcard app were a killer combination when it came to learning and living. With my dictionary app, I could save words I encountered in real life for later study, or look up crucial words on the fly to facilitate conversations. With Anki, I could engrave those words in my memory. And beyond the purely pragmatic, it was comforting to have my favorite songs, TV shows, and yes, apps with me when everything else was unfamiliar. The iPod and iPhone can do so much that it’s easy to overlook the little things.

I really do count myself lucky to live in an age where I don’t have to lug around a physical dictionary for when my vocabulary fails, and when my camera’s batteries die I always have a backup device. My iPod Touch made itself integral to my experience living and learning in Japan. Particularly for language students, I think that such resources are really invaluable.

Title: Drop Zap 2
Developer: Amir Michail
Price: $.99
Version: 2.0
Reviewed on: iPod Touch and iPad 2
Acquired: Promo Code Supplied by Developer
Written and Recorded by: Michelle Lopez

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On a Tilt Review

On a Tilt Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
A new tilt-based puzzler for iPhone.

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Hit the Slopes with Snowboard Hero

Fishlabs Entertainment today released Snowboard Hero for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Snowboard Hero is a full-length snowboarding title designed specifically for Apple’s portable device. The game supports retina display visuals and looks to deliver an experience more on par with something you’d find on a console rather than a portable device like the iPhone.

Using a combination of touch and tilt controls, you’ll board down slopes, collecting power-ups, performing tricks and earning points to charge up your boost bar. The game lets you choose from four different characters, each with six standard and four special tricks to unlock. Each character in the title has his or her own boards, clothes and tricks to unlock as well. Your board choice in particular is key here. Each board modifies your character’s ability, speed, boost and jump stats, so as you upgrade boards, your character will become even better.

There are five different disciplines in the game to master, such as Speedrun, Freestyle, Slalom, Race and Time Bonus. What’s more, there are even combination disciplines, like Freestyle-Speedrun and Speed Slalom. You also get to decide with course routes would work best for each discipline.

Snowboard Hero is an impressive looking iOS title, making use of retina display visuals to bring to life cartoon-esque, stylized snowboarding. The game features six courses spread out across three unique environments, including ski run, fun park and high mountains.

The title also supports online leaderboards via OpenFeint and Game Center.

Snowboad Hero is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store. The game’s developer says that it is already working on more content for the title, including new characters and new courses, which it will release soon. Once the additional content is added to the app, the price will increase to $6.99. However, you can currently purchase the title for an introductory price of $4.99.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-03-30 :: Category: Games

San Francisco: DK Top 10 Review

San Francisco: DK Top 10 Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
An impressive digital tour guide to San Francisco.

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LoopMash Review

LoopMash Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Create your own techno beats on the go.

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The Happy Apps Review

The Happy Apps Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Got a headache? This app claims it can cure it.

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your spatial reasoning skills then look no further than Pictorial.

The app is designed to challenge users to solve geometrical puzzles by rotating objects. You use the touchscreen to rotate constellations until they are upright and create an object. You’ll come across numerous different shapes, including stars, houses, animals and more. There are two different themes in the game, including Night City and Arctic, and the game’s developer promises more are coming soon.

“Spatial reasoning is a common part of intelligence tests, pre-employment tests and admission tests to certain educations,” Pictorial’s developer says about the app. “Also spatial reasoning is generally regarded as one of the most basic reasoning abilities together with verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning.

Some constellations are simple while others are quite challenging. But the game has a “help” feature that rotates constellations for you, revealing the true shape of the object.

Pictorial is available for free on the iTunes App Store and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Check out a preview trailer of the app below.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-03-08 :: Category: Games

Chopper Rescue Review

Chopper Rescue Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Rescuing the stranded from the sea is fun but lacks lasting appeal.

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iStunt 2 Review

iStunt 2 Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
A fun and challenging snowboarding title for iOS.

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IK Multimedia has announced that VocaLive, a professional performing and recording vocal processor app, is now available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The software serves as a recording solution for iOS users, whether they want to use their device’s built-in microphone or purchase the iRig Microphone.

VocaLive provides vocalists with 12 real-time professional vocal effects and the capability to record studio quality sound on their portable device. The company describes its app as an “easy to use” but “extremely powerful” tool that produces the professional results one would normally have to use expensive hardware and software to achieve.

The software includes 5 vocal effects: “Pitch Fix (for tuning correction or stylized quantization FX), Choir (a 3-part harmonizer), Morph (an X-Y pitch and formant shifter that changes the tonal quality of the voice from subtle deepening to radical gender bending), De-Esser and Double (Double effect gets unlocked by registering),” according to the company.

What’s more, it also features 7 Studio Effects: Reverb, Delay, Parametric EQ, Compressor, Chorus, Phazer and Envelope Filter. The individual effects can be combined into a chain of up to three and then saved as a preset. And to get you started, there are 50 presets included out of the box.

VocaLive allows you to record vocals or instruments with added effects, but it also allows you to sing along with your favorite songs in your iPod collection. Using the Voice Cancel option, you can remove lyrics from songs, allowing you to provide the vocals entirely by yourself. You can also use Vocal Tools and a metronome to warm up your voice before beginning.

VocaLive is now available on the iTunes App Store for $19.99. There is also a free version of the app, which doesn’t come with as many effects or presets but can be expanded. You’re able to individually purchase desired effects as you choose. While you can use the app with the built-in microphone, it also supports the iRig Mic, sold separately for $59.99.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-03-10 :: Category: Music

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-03-10 :: Category: Music

Gamania Digital Entertainment this week released Hero: 108 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app is based on the popular Cartoon Network animated series by the same name.

Hero: 108 brings six mini-games to iOS, allowing fans to take on the High Roller and Zebra Brothers. In the app, you get to play as several characters from the show, including Lin Chung, Mighty Ray, Mystique Sonia, Jumpy Ghostface and Mr. No Hands.

In one mini-game, you have to protect Jumpy from arrows by tapping them to knock them down before they hit him. Another mini-game has you beating up the Rhino King by furiously tapping him as he approaches your character. If you don’t tap fast enough, it’s game over. One of my favorite mini-games takes on the form of air hockey – it’s Lin Chung versus Mighty Ray in a game of, well, air hockey.

Hero 108 is now available on the iTunes App Store for download. Until March 25, the app is available for free as a special promotion. Its publisher has yet to announce the price of the app for when the promotion ends, however.

Peel today announced the hardware companion for its popular Peel Personal TV Listings app.

The “universal control” device, as the company is calling it, adds remote control functionality to the free iOS app. Using Peel’s app, you can easily find TV shows that pertain to your interests. You tell the app what kind of shows you like to watch, and it will make recommendations based on your interests. It’s like a more personable version of your typical TV guide listing.

The universal control allows you to select a show from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and then will change the channel to that show for you. The device allows you to wirelessly interact with your TV, cable box, Blu-ray player, AV receiver and more through your iOS device. With the app, you can even adjust volume from anywhere within range of the universal control.

While the Peel app itself is available on iTunes for free, the universal control device will cost you. The device is now available at Apple Stores nationwide for $99. According to a press release by the company, “Peel will be conducting product demonstrations in New York City Apple Stores in March. Check New York City Apple Store calendars for more details.”

Check out the debut trailer for the universal control “fruit” below.

Today, Apple launched its iOS 4.3 update, which brings a number of new features to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Below we’ve outlined what’s new in iOS 4.3.

AirPlay Enhancements
Apple’s media-sharing AirPlay already allows you to share your music, photos and movies by wirelessly streaming them from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your HDTV. But now the application is getting a much needed feature: the ability to stream videos from your Photos app. So, now you can shoot video with your device and then easily show it off on your HDTV.

Safari Performance Increase
iOS 4.3 uses the Nitro JavaScript engine to increase browsing speeds on iOS devices. Apple claims that its latest version of its iOS runs JavaScript twice as fast as version 4.2. Browsing speed, overall, while using Safari will be faster as well.

iTunes Home Sharing Enhancements
You can now share content between your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac or PC using Wi-Fi. You can wirelessly stream your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and whatever else you like from one device to another. For instance, if you’ve got music in your iTunes collection that you haven’t synced yet, you can still listen to it using your iPod, iPod Touch or iPad by streaming it wirelessly from your desktop to the device of your choice.

iPad Side Switch
This one’s exclusively for iPad, but still interesting. You can now customize the small switch on the side of your iPad to either lock the screen rotation to either horizontal or vertical, or toggle between muting the volume and turning it back on.

Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4
You can use your iPhone 4’s 3G connection to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for other wireless devices you own. By enabling this feature, you create a hotspot to connect to with your laptop, iPad or any other device using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. You’re able to share your iPhone 4’s 3G connection with up to five other devices or three devices using Wi-Fi. And all connections are password-protected. The catch? You’ll have to pay for AT&T’s DataPro 4GB/$45 tethering data plan to use the feature. (Verizon’s iPhone already has this feature.)

iOS 4.3 is supported by iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM Model, iPod Touch (3rd gen, 4th gen), iPad and iPad 2. To download the iOS update, sync your iOS device, then click the Check for Updates button in iTunes.

iCasual: Flying Hamster Review

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Hello everyone this is Michelle from The Portable Gamer with your iCasual report for Flying Hamster from The Game Atelier for all devices running current iOS software. In todays game you play Newton, the famous flying hamster who with your help will save his love. To control Newton you can use the accelerometer or simply drag 1 finger up, down, back or forth and the Hamster will fly in that direction. Tilting worked better on the iPhone but touching was much easier with the iPad. You’ll need to see what works best for you.

You’ll need to then maneuver your little friend through levels populated by odd enemies like cows shooting milk at you or even ninja cats shooting balls of yarn at you. To fight back you spit at them, which is automatic when the enemy is in front of you. Along the levels you will collect power up items making you more lethal. The game tells you what can be collected which then replaces what ever you were just using for a limited amount of time. There is a meter on the screen that will let you know when you’re power up is getting low so you can watch for another. Each time you collect one, it replaces the one you were using which isn’t always the best idea. Each item reacts differently with different enemies and not always like you think. It will take trial and error with some combos to get you though the higher levels. Each level ends with a fun boss to destroy which will give you a glimpse of the one you love before she is taken from you yet again. When you do lose you life you have a limited amount of times you can restart from where you died. Once you run out of those or if you choose not to continue, the next time you start the game you start from the very beginning. I hope in the future to have a save button because I can’t imagine being able to play through the 6 Different whimsical environments all in one sitting.

The bright colors, up beat tunes and easy controls make this a fun diversion for the adult that is a kid at heart. The fast paced boards are reminesent of early Sonic games and keep you entertained with the kooky adversaries. The 3.99 price tag is a bit high but so far seems to be giving me a run for me money. Give the free lite version a try and you’ll see why I keep going back for more.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-01-06 :: Category: Games

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Hello everyone this is Michelle from The Portable Gamer with your iCasual report for Undead Attack! Pinball HD from MobJoy Software for all devices running current iOS software. So I guess you can deduce from the title that this is a pinball game, but with an interesting twist. There are 2 modes in the game to master. Both played mostly like a regular pin ball game. You shoot your ball and use the flippers to stop it from falling through your gate. You also want to aim at areas that will earn you bonuses like all the undead things walking around the board.

In campaign mode the longer you survive the more you’ll earn and the more levels you’ll unlock. Use these earnings to buy upgrades to help you in the higher levels. Also in your arsenal are shakes that would normally cause you to lose a turn but here you’ll get extra balls to help with the larger waves and the big boss. In quick play mode you just survive as long as you can earning a higher and higher score to brag about.

For 2.99 this game has high quality 3d graphics with 3 different tables to unlock and play. The use of the accelerometer really adds a retro feel of a real machine. The upgrades and unlockable secrets kept me coming back to play. I love that they have mashed together Pinball and tower defense…..with zombies. It’s a great pick up and play game for anyone who loves pinball. My only grip is that the iPhone version is the same price for what looks like the same game with just smaller graphics. I downloaded the free lite version on my iPod touch and it was very playable. The shake and tilt moves were even a little easier on the smaller device. I really wish there was only one version to buy but if you have both an iPhone and an iPad and you don’t want to pay twice you may want to just get the iPhone version so you can play on both devices. Which ever version you decide to get will give you hours of challenging fun.

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2010-11-17 :: Category: Games

iCasual: DropZap 2

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Hello everyone this is Michelle from The Portable Gamer with your iCasual report for DropZap 2 from Amir Michail for all devices running current iOS software. On the heals of the addictive DropZap, this 2nd version is considerably more challenging but still hard to put down. As with the first you have a board of shapes that you need to eliminate before they reach the top of your screen. Each time you drop a new piece a laser will zap across and down from where it lands. The pieces it hits will shrink and if the piece is already at its smallest size it will disappear. This will then cause a chain reaction as pieces fall and zap again. What makes this sequel stand out is the addition of blocking squares into the mix. Your laser will stop in its tracks meaning less objects will be shrunk. The boxes will still shrink when hit so they can be eliminated, they just don’t allow the beam to pass through them like the circles do.

Just like the first version, you will get 4 different game modes each one adding additional challenges. Standard mode is the easiest and the best place to hone your skills. Each time you remove 50 pieces you level up and the board is reset. Relentless mode is similar to Standard except that its never ending. You just keep going for as long as you can. Action mode steps it up a bit with a count down timer. If you don’t drop a piece before the timer runs out, the game will drop the piece for you. Relentless Action is then the never ending version of Action mode. Each time you play the game is randomly laid out, so it never feels repetitive regardless of which mode you play. The game is game center enabled and keeps track of your high scores so you can easily brag to your friends. Then when you think you’re at your best, invite a friend to play with you on your device. The screen splits and you play head to head. Who ever removes 25 more pieces than their opponent or completely outlast them, wins. The game plays great on either the small or large screen, but 2 player mode is at its best on the iPad.

For just .99 Drop Zap 2 is a must have for anyone who loves puzzle games, and for a limited time, the developer is offering it for free, so hurry up and download this app from the link below.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-10-23 :: Category: Games

Watercolor War Review

Watercolor War Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Watercolor War is a decent shooter with art direction that will easily win you over.

Read The Full Review »

Sonic 4 Episode 1 Gets a Release Date

Sega’s long-awaited main franchise return to the Sonic series, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, has a concrete release date, and it’s sooner than you might think. While the console versions will hit starting the week of October 11th, it will be the iPhone and iPod touch that will see the game first, on October 7th.

As stated in Rob’s hands-on with the game, Sonic 4 will feature similar but not identical content to the console versions, including accelerometer-based levels. The game was delayed from its initially-announced summer release to the fall, with the hopes of improving the game based on early criticism from hands-on impressions. The game features a return to classic level designs, the 3 acts per zone structure not regularly seen since the very first Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Sega Genesis, the classic bonus levels from Sonic 1, a storyline that takes place after Sonic & Knuckles, and only one playable character: Sonic the Hedgehog.

There are still plenty of questions about the iPhone version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, though. The console versions are being developed by Dimps along with some Sonic Team veterans who worked on the original games, but who is developing the iOS port? Will the game support Retina Display graphics? Will there be an iPad version of the game? How will the iOS port hold up to the console versions? And most importantly, will this game recreate the magic of the original Sonic games — the games that still inspires nostalgia in those who played it? Sonic fans will get to find out for themselves very soon.

The Portable Podcast, Episode 49

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