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Week Calendar Review

Our Review by Chantelle Joy Duxbury on March 28th, 2011
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Trying out yet another Calendar app, right?

Developer: Utilitap
Price: $1.99
Version: 2.0

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Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

I am almost always on the prowl for a better, faster, more useful and organized Calendar App. I've tried probably close to a dozen in the last two years, and I've probably become a bit picky. This is why it was such a pleasure to find Week Calendar, and realize that I completely understand why it's getting rave reviews and five-star ratings in the iTunes App Store. It's one of the simplest but most functional calendar apps I've ever used.

Week Calendar excels at showing your entire weekly schedule on one page, and with a clean user interface and design. It's got a built-in detector if you're trying to zoom in or out, to ensure that you don't accidentally change the view so that you've got less than the full week in front of you at once. Each of your items are clearly marked, and to see detail you simply click on the item to get a pop-up of the important notes. No more going into and out of an activity every time you want to know slightly more information. This alone should be the reason you get this app, it's probably cut about 50% of your clicks if you're using another calendar app.

Obviously that's not all. You can still see your schedule as a list, or a daily, monthly, or even yearly view. What impressed me quite a bit with this app is how well it mimics the iOS default calendar application design, but improves on it in very functional ways. Like, for example, in the Month View, showing as many dots as there are events, and showing them in each calendars colors. So simple, but so useful!

I could go on and on about the customization and settings options, but at this point it's pretty standard calendar stuff. Being able to set up your default views, event posting details, and calendar or event colors. However I will mention that I love that it includes the ability to search your schedule. Such a useful feature, that should always be included in Calendars.

If you're as obsessed with keeping yourself organized as I am, and you've tried other calendar apps and haven't found them to be quite right, I strongly suggest checking out Week Calendar. It's a fantastic price point for such a clean, useful, and functional app.

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