There's no escaping the fact that everyone loves Dark Souls. If you've not heard of it, it's a super tough action RPG that punished your every mistake with swift retribution. It's the sort of game where you die a lot, and it can be pretty intimidating trying to get on board with the systems it throws at you.

But you can't play it on your iPhone. Well, there's Slashy Souls, but to be honest the less said about that the better. If you're looking to get some Souls-style action on the go though, there are plenty of options waiting for you on the App Store.

Rather than leaving you to find all of them for yourself though, we thought we'd do a list and round-up what we think are the five best games like Dark Souls for iPhone. If you think we're wrong, or you've got your own suggestions to chuck into the mix, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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Wayward Souls - download for iPhone

The clue's in the name with this one. Wayward Souls sees you ploughing your way through a series of massive dungeons. Every room is filled with traps, monsters, and other challenges that you need to get past. And you won't get past them. You will die. A lot.

Unlike Dark Souls, Wayward Souls generates a different dungeon every time you play, so it's less a case of figuring out what's where and how to defeat it, than trying to be ready for anything the game spits out at you. If you've not played this one yet, then you really should grab it ASAP.

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Implosion: Never Lose Hope - download for iPhone

Another dungeon crawler, but this time with a different take on the genre. It's fast and fluid, owing as much to Bayonetta and its ilk as it does to the more cumbersome and measured combat that the Souls games has to offer.

But it looks amazing, and there's a depth here that simpler action games never manage to reach. It's brighter and more welcoming than Dark Souls, but if you want to become a master of all the moves and combos, you're going to have to put a lot of work in.

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - download for iPhone

This one's here not just because it's a third-person action RPG, but because it shares a similar esoteric vision with Dark Souls. In other words, you need to figure out a lot of stuff for yourself here.

Sure you can play without figuring out how to make the best armor or weapons, but the real joy in any Monster Hunter game lies in working out how to get the gear you need. There are other secrets to discover too. This is the sort of game where scratching the surface and diving head-first into the experience are the only two ways to play.

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Infinity Blade 3 - download for iPhone

Death is an ever-present in the Infinity Blade universe, much like it is in the Dark Souls universe. Here it's used as a way to push the story onwards, and to make sure that you're powerful enough to take down the enemies that the game is throwing at you.

You could say it's just a redistribution of grind, but there's more to both Infinity Blade and Dark Souls than that. Throw in lots of suits of armor, plenty of different weapons, and three distinct play styles, and while Infinity Blade 3 might not have the difficulty of Dark Souls, it's definitely got a lot of the other parts of the Souls puzzle.

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Miles and Kilo - download for iPhone

Okay, you're going to have to bear with us on this one, but we promise we're going to explain why a cute, side-on platformer featuring a boy and his dog has made it onto a list of the best Souls-like games you can buy for your iPhone.

For one thing, every time you play a level it's the same. The key to succeeding is figuring out the best way through that level using the narrow control scheme at your disposal. No, it doesn't have the open world or the dripping gore of a Souls game, but in a way its repeat-until-you-win gameplay is a lot closer to Dark Souls than many of the much darker games on this list.

Seriously, when you get to safety in Miles and Kilo, it's every bit as euphoric as getting to the safety of a bonfire in Dark Souls.

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