Taptu, the social news reader for the iPhone and iPad (also known as the service "DJ-ing the news") has expanded its service to be usable on any browser. The new HTML5 Taptu app will let users create and share their personal Taptu streams just like they can on their iOS devices.

Even if a user has Taptu on both iOS devices and wants to view it on the web, all of those streams will be synced across every device. Taptu even has plans to update the service with a mobile web app so that nearly any mobile user can be in sync with the Taptu service on nearly any device.

In an update to both the iOS, Android, and new web platforms, Taptu has added the ability for users to create a stream based on a search term. So if a user wants to keep up on "Justin Beiber" news, they can make a stream for that.

Taptu is a social news reader app that aggregates all of a users important streams (like Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, and more) into one, visually focused app. Like most news readers, users can save articles to read for later on their favorite services (like Instapaper and Pocket).

Taptu is a free, universal app.

Taptu - DJ your News

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-11-10 :: Category: Game


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