EA Mobile’s Surviving High School has been released on a quite a few platforms. However, only the recently-released iPad version, Surviving High School HD, lets players experience this interactive adventure game’s tawdry tales of adolescence in glorious high-definition. While walking through the halls of Centerscore High, taking quizzes and talking to fellow students, the choices players make will shape their social lives. Depending on what they decide, they might end up a jock, a nerd, a popular kid or an outsider.

This free app also allows players to download free, weekly extra episodes extending the plot even further. When switching from Portrait to Landscape mode, players gain access to a decision tree which helps them plot their course throughout the story lines. Additionally, all episodes players download are archived in an illustrated visual timeline and this is all managed through the new Multi-Touch interface.

Completing the illusion is the ability for Surviving High School HD players to keep tabs on their virtual friends, like any good teenager would, through Faceplace Alerts. Whether their actual high school years are behind them or not, now iPad owners can survive or thrive in this high school for as long as they want.

Surviving High School Paid

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-11-16 :: Category: Game


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