Set for release next month is MMO Steel Avengers, a build-and-conquer strategy game.

A natural disaster has befallen a not too distant future Earth, which means anarchy has broken out. With a battle for survival afoot, it's down to individuals to attempt to create a new world, which is exactly where the game is focused. Players will be able to build powerful armies, establish a base, research new things, as well as gather resources. After all, resource gathering leads to all the good stuff!

The game also promises an extensive PvP side of things, with alliances also possible for the more peaceful of gamers.

Steel Avengers features 11 different buildings, 29 different technologies, and a fully fledged PvE story comprising of 11 chapters and 176 combat zones.

It's due out in mid-July, a mere month away, assuming a natural disaster doesn't actually befall us before that time!

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