Unless you are considered an above average photographer or videographer, it’s likely that the iPhone is your main digital media device. Instead of holding a large camera and an unwieldy video recorder, you can just lug around your phone and take pictures and video with ease. The problem for some, if not most, is that they never plug their phone into their computer, causing a giant buildup of media that can’t be controlled.

To alleviate this, many companies have created online file storage applications, but they are typically slow, ugly, and cumbersome. Last week, Ricoh Company released “quanp”, a visual online storage interface that “provides 10GB of free online storage, easy ways to share large files up to 500MB, and advanced search and tagging capabilities for quick and easy management of files and documents.” A neat addition is the new “Flick File” functionality that lets you perform local media sharing.

On the computer side, there is a Windows and a browser platform that lets you access the saved files online, complete with simple drag and drop file transfer.

quanp is free in the App Store, so if you are hoarding or need to be able to transfer files in a flash, give it a whirl.

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Released: 2010-06-28 :: Category: Productivity

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