Ngmoco's latest entry into the freemium app craze, We Farm, is now available worldwide in the App Store. Like their other freemium hit, We Rule, "We Farm lets you cultivate, customize and control your very own virtual farm", but it's set in a farm instead of a medieval land.

Instead of dealing with just crops and the like, We Farm puts more emphasis on the management of livestock, which I've heard includes beasts and monkeys. Don't fret though, it'll still have all the great growing and trading that went on in We Rule, as well as some "mojo"-like stuff that you can buy in the app called "gro".

Hopefully, for Ngmoco's sake, people won't be sick of farming games. With the release of Farmville not so long ago, as well as the existence of their other farm game, We Rule, it seems that there are only so many farms that farming fans can take care of.

Pick it up for free in the App Store today and start growing!

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