We enjoyed Moe's Notes for iPhone which offers some unique features for taking rich multimedia notes that include audio, video, images and GPS coordinates and it's now available for iPad.

Moe's Notepad makes the most of the iPad's larger screen by using splitter bars to show different sections of the app that used to be spread across multiple screens. The updated UI allows users to customize the app's display as they wish while retaining the same functionality.

Without a camera in the iPad (although the team behind Moe's Notes believe one is coming) images are taken from the iPad's Photo's App with a number of editing options available within the app itself. Audio editing is also impressive with recording and trimming of audio as well as volume and speed settings available.

All media can be combined into an email and sent as attachments with more streamlined options coming in a future update that could include popular formats such as Evernote or GoogleDocs among others.

Users of Moe's Notes for iPhone should certainly invest in this iPad reworking and those that need a decent note taking tool will be hard pressed to find a more feature-packed alternative.

Moe's Notes is available now for $9.99

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