The iPad is great at a lot of things…but unlike its iPhone sibling, it can’t make or receive phone calls. Line2 aims to solve that dilemma and is now offering its app for the iPad and iPhone, making it the only calling app available for the iPad that works over WiFi and 3G. Sweet? I think so! Man, the days when AT&T tried to block VoIP apps seems like the Stone Age now...

When you sign up for an account with Line2, the company provides you with a phone number. You can then make and receive phone calls from the app. Line2 will use your 3G data plan to transmit data under normal circumstances, but if you’re within range of a WiFi network, the app will automatically switch to WiFi—even in mid-call. The app’s ability to use WiFi is great for if you’re trying to save on data, or for international travelers wary of the iPad's international 3G plan. As for “regular” phone features, Line2 also includes call waiting, conferencing for up to 20 people, and call transfer abilities.

The iPad might seem like an awkward phone, but its built-in speakers and microphone are fairly powerful. Set it on a coffee table, start up Line2, and you can have multiple people in the room chiming in during a conference call. As for using Line2 with the iPhone, well, avoiding racking up minutes usually pays off...and sometimes WiFi is just more reliable.

All this comes at a price, however; like any good service, Line2 has a price tag. In this case, it’s $14.95/month. If you’re looking for a WiFi/3G VoIP app for the iPad, however, the lack of competition makes that cost a good investment.

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