Pangalore’s freemium city building cum RPG, Knightly Adventure, has gotten its first update on iOS, and is headed to Android as well. The update includes a new Witch class along with holiday-themed environments, settings, and costumes.

§ Holiday themed winter setting, complete with magical falling snow and snowy fields throughout the player’s island kingdom
§ Holiday themed items temporarily replace in-game items—health potions now appear as gingerbread men, for instance
§ New in-game items include a “Resurrection Feathers” potion that allows players to continue a quest after being defeated in combat
§ New Christmas tree and reindeer items are available to decorate your holiday kingdom
§ New holiday alternate costumes are available for every character class
§ New Witch character brings a fun and powerful second magic-user class to the game
§ Extensive optimization allows faster game launches and faster, more reliable performance across supported iOS devices (iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPod touch 5)