The word eureka is defined as “an exclamation of triumph on discovering or solving something.”  Finding out something new is always exciting, except for when it can be something about yourself.  The new party game Youreka (a play on the phonetic spelling of eureka) is all about using friends to gain a little bit more perspective about how people perceive you.

Conducted much like a “couch play” style trivia game for three to six players, the game first asks the subject a question about themselves.  The device is then passed around the crowd, with the mob also answering the question about that specific person.  Everyone then gets to see how the prediction fared against the masses.  Some of the answers may be enlightening, but most of all it is the chance to bring friends together as a group, to participate in something fun.

Games can be as short as fifteen minutes and as long as multiple hours, so be sure to give this conversation starter a good look.  Who knows?  It may very well open your eyes…

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Released: 2011-11-17 :: Category: Games

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