Chillingo and Ars Thanea Games have announced their new upcoming genre-bending puzzle game Puzzle Craft, coming soon to iOS. This multifaceted game will have players trying to build a farm through resource collection. Yes, that sounds like many games that already exist, but Puzzlecraft is going to try and blend actual gameplay in with the formula. Players can havest and mine for materials in a puzzle board akin to a game like Dungeon Raid, where pieces adjacent in any direction can be collected. Harvested materials from the field can be converted in to materials to help stay in the mines longer. The collected resources can be used to buy new buildings, hire new workers, and get better tools.

The current plan is for the game to launch at a low entry price point supported by in-app purchases: coins can be purchased, along with additional moves to mine for a longer time. A tie-in Facebook game involving the mining game is in the works as well. Puzzle Craft is scheduled to hit the App Store at some point in the coming months.

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