Need for Speed Most Wanted for iOS shows promise of being a great racing game. While EA wouldn't comment beyond it was developed by EA Australia, I think we can assume that it is running on the Real Racing core. No wonder it's so fantastic. All the clues were there -- including the dangling bumper. The acquisition of Firemint was a damn smart one for EA.

There are no reported features or release date, though I think we can assume it will be around the October timeframe of the console version. The game will have the Autolog feature from the console version, but EA wouldn't comment on if it would be connect with the console version. It's assumed that they will both run under Origin - so we can hope there will be some sort of interaction.

Did we mention it's early in development? We won't even show you the screen shots they gave us as they were clearly renders and not actual game screens. Touch Arcade did get some video of the game in action - take a look below.

I love race games, and the Need For Speed franchise is one of my favorites. Throw in the best in mobile Real Racing engine and I'll be tracking this one closely.

[ video source: Touch Arcade ]

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