The Drowning Update Adds Leaderboards To Each Map and Additional Controls To The V-Stick System

Posted by Andrew Stevens on August 20th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

The Drowning fires in a new update that adds leaderboards, a 180 turn and sticky aiming button to the v-stick system, sensitivity for looking around, and a cutscene viewer.

The update also added some improvements as well. If you were drowning before by continuously being flanked by enemies from behind then things shouldn't be as troublesome anymore as the update fixed that, making enemies more likely to come at you from the front. However, there still might be some pretty stubborn bad guys out there because they did add that 180 turn button in the update, as I already mentioned above. Just sayin'!

iPhone Screenshots

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The Drowning screenshot 1 The Drowning screenshot 2 The Drowning screenshot 3 The Drowning screenshot 4

iPad Screenshots

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The Drowning screenshot 5 The Drowning screenshot 6 The Drowning screenshot 7 The Drowning screenshot 8
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