Facebook developers are taking over the world.  There, I said it.  With developers like Zynga recently getting valued at over ten billion dollars, and numerous others rapidly building and expanding on their stable of social friendly games, it was only a matter of time before we started to see the growth bleed over to the iOS.  One such developer looking to make further inroads on Apple's baby is Booyah, the team behind the immensely successful MyTown.

Booyah's next foray is actually an attempt to build on an audience that they have developed in their Facebook franchise, Nightclub City.  Instead of invading the platform with their existing game, they have decided to just use Nightclub City as a backdrop for a new and interesting game genre: Rhythm-based Role Playing Games.  I know it sounds kind of farfetched, but the upcoming Nightclub City DJ Rivals will attempt to turn this unholy hybrid into a reality.

Playing as a newcomer to the DJ battling scene, you will get the chance to face off against some of the biggest names in Nightclub City's apparently budding underground.  As you succeed in sticking it to the man as much as musically possible, your notoriety will grow, eventually making you one of the biggest names in the city.  This is just the beginning, however, as there is an well flushed out multiplayer system that will also encourage you to show off superior scratching skills to win perks, unlock items, and even leave an impact across the city.

Keep an eye out for more details on the game, which is scheduled to launch in the March/April window of this year.  Until then, check out this trailer below and see if it makes you want to indulge your inner spinster.

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