Diversions For The Trip Home

Posted by Jeff Scott on December 19th, 2008

We're just starting out for the mad rush of travel back home for the holidays. Whether you are stuck in the airport for what seems like days-on-end -- or just need a little break from the loved-ones, we've got you covered. We're going to look for some great apps to help you survive the trip home and back.

This isn't going to be a wrap-up of holiday titles. No, we're looking for those apps that can provide both hours and hours a entertainment while stuck in the airport -- and just a few minutes of fun while you avoid try to avoid the visiting uncle quacks when he walks.

Let's start with the games! Seems like a hundred killer games came out in the past two weeks. Many of them really good. It's a shame but some of them are going to get lost in the rush. We'll try to point out some of them in the coming months. But here are a few of our favorite ones that haven't really seen much publicity.

Sneezies -- it's a great, fun little bubble popping game.
[itmsapp: 298155609]

I'm a big fan of racing games -- here's a great one that hasn't gotten too much publicity but is really good.
[itmsapp: 296234012]

How about a well-done puzzle game:
[itmsapp: 298697067]

One of our favorite games got a sequel recently - Dizzy Bee 2:
[itmsapp: 299470790]

Myself -- I'm partial to puzzle and word games. With their infinite replay value they are great for a long trip.

[itmsapp: 296581959]
[itmsapp: 287712243]

If you are looking for games that will give you the maximum play time, here are a few that you may have heard of -- all guaranteed to give you at least a few hours, sometimes days, of fun.

[itmsapp: 300255603]
[itmsapp: 298071041]
[itmsapp: 298748403]
[itmsapp: 299461156]

We've mentioned Fieldrunners in the past -- if you don't have this game yet, do yourself a favor, grab it. Good for making time disappear.

[itmsapp: 292421271]

Seems like $0.99 is the new hot price point for games -- and there are some great ones for $0.99 right now. Check out these:

[itmsapp: 295314913]
[itmsapp: 292531072]
[itmsapp: 299427316]
[itmsapp: 284896685]
[itmsapp: 294789951]
[itmsapp: 296191097]

Might as well grab a couple great free games too. Just in case...
[itmsapp: 293620666]
[itmsapp: 297558390]

Looking for a good read?

Stanza provides access to loads of ebooks, some free, some not. Includes access to some great current best sellers.
[itmsapp: 284956128]

Classics is a fantastic, beautiful, wonderfully done app for reading some great classic novels.
[itmsapp: 294773236]

Some other diversions...

Here's an app to make that dinner conversation much more interesting. RJDJ takes the sounds it hears from the iPhone mic and re-mixes them into some pretty interesting electronic music. See if you can get away with listening while the family discusses all those things you just don't care about.

[itmsapp: 292800319]

Or you could always try to work these in, from other the table:
[itmsapp: 298685333]

Feeling artistic?

Here are a couple apps that can help you work on becoming the digital equivalent of Van Gogh. Though you'll still never hear the end of it about all that money dad spent on art school.

[itmsapp: 290747077]
[itmsapp: 298606069]

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