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Puzzle games and dinosaurs don’t usually go together, what with dinosaurs not typically being known for their huge brains, but they are finally together at last. The goal of Dino Catch is simple – there is a dinosaur in the center of the 11X11 hexagonal grid, with some of the hexagons already filled in. The goal is to try to not let the dinosaur reach the edge of the board, and to trap him so that he can’t reach the edge. The dino and the player take turns, with the player putting down a hexagon, and then the dino moving. The goal is to try to force the dino into already-established sections of the board, or trying to tunnel it so that it can be potentially blocked off. The game keeps track of the player’s win-loss record versus the dinosaur, and at first, the record will likely be tilted far in the favor of the dinosaur for a while. This game is based off a math problem called the “Angel Problem,”though this is far more fun than most math problems are. The game comes with Game Center support through OpenFeint, and is a free download. The game offers the ability to remove ads and unlock a 2-player mode by paying $0.99 through in-app purchase.

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Released: 2011-06-28 :: Category: Games

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