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Additional Challenge through in-app-purchase. For levels 7 to 12, a Dino that jumps when she steps on a spring.

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★★★★★ Catch Dino if you can! Little Dino is both smart and slippery. Dino Catch is a simple yet addicting board game for all ages with single player and two player mode. ★★★★★

4.5 out of 5 by Jason Lee at http://nineoverten.com
"Honestly, I’m blown away by this game"

Dino Catch is based on a famous math problem. Search "Angel Problem" on the internet. To catch Dino on the 11x11 board, you tap a cell on the board to turn it into a blocker. If Dino is completely encircled by blockers, you win. If Dino slips away to the edge of the board, you lose.


To catch Dino, you need some help. The help comes in the form of randomly placed blockers when you start the game. In the beginning level, you have 15 starting blockers. When you level up, the number of starting blockers decreases and the game gets increasingly challenging. You become a professional "Dino Catcher" if you reach level 6! For levels 7 and up, you have an additional challenge through the in-app-purchase because Dino gets jumpy when she steps on a spring!


Have fun playing with friends in the Two Player Mode. Catcher and Dino each take turn to move. Dino can only move one step at a time, but catcher can tap anywhere on the board. Two Player Mode is available through in-app-purchase.


Dino Catch is Game Center enabled and OpenFeint enabled.

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