Today we have more exciting news to announce. We've launched a new site covering Android games and apps - Android Rundown!

You may be asking why Android and why now? While personally I think the iOS is still by far the best mobile operating system, there are a considerable number of people that can't, for one reason or another, use an iPhone. Could be the choice of carriers, rules their employers have put in place, etc. Android is the second best mobile app platform and is growing quickly. There are now nearly 100,000 Android apps -- and we want to cover them. We want to bring our well-proven formula of editorial reviews, top app lists, price drops, etc. to the Android world. We're pretty sure you want us to do that, too.

Another big reason to launch now is that the Android app market seems to be on the very edge of a large expansion. One of the big reasons is that until recently Android phones were not good app phones. Most Android devices were only given 512MB of storage space (or less) for apps. That has finally changed. The Android OS was recently modified to allow phones to store apps on a storage card and most phones released these days have 16 GB of on board storage. This eliminates a huge roadblock to app adoption for users of most Android phones.

In addition, we're seeing more and more iPhone developers release their apps on Android as well. We've seen the big guys like EA, Gameloft, and Namco already -- we can expect others soon. And we can't forget the indies -- they are releasing on Android in ever increasing numbers as well.

What does this mean for 148Apps? Really, not too much. We're just trying out what we've built here at 148Apps in the Android world. You won't see any changes here at 148Apps. You might see the occasional cross post when there's a subject that applies to both platforms, but that's not much different than now.

If you're curious about the Android world, take a look and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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