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Cinefy Turns iPhones into Video Editing Tools - Limited Beta Available, too

Posted by Rob Rich on November 28th, 2011

To be fair, there are a fair number of video editing apps available for the iPhone right now. I suppose it's because the portable nature of iDevices makes them perfect for amateur film folk. Cinefy is another such app meant for creating video clips, sure, but it appears to be much more extensive than most of the current offerings.

For one thing, it has a pretty sleek and accessible-looking interface: the individual tracks are easy to distinguish from one another thanks to some vivid color-coding. But it's not just about the editing. Cinefy also offers what, to my knowledge, is a first for iOS video apps. It features "one click licensing," which gives users access to a large selection of copyright-cleared tunes (provided by Friendly Music). A feature meant to streamline the process of video production, no doubt, and it seems like it'll do just that. Once a video has been finished, it can be exported to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

There's no official pricing and release info available yet, but interested cinematic auteurs can head on over to the website to try and get a spot in the beta. And if anyone reading this gets in, please feel free to tell us about it!

Vimeo launches app for iPhone

Posted by Chantelle Joy Duxbury on April 6th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

A huge announcement last week brought the Vimeo iPhone App into the spotlight as it debuted on the App Store. One of the first companies to start reencoding their online videos as HTML for iOS users, Vimeo has gone one step further and created an Official iPhone app.

The new Vimeo Official iPhone offers almost the full functionality of the website, and just a little bit more. Not happy with simply providing a browsing or uploading experience, this app offers more than just being able to upload or watch videos on your iOS device. You can edit your videos, with Vimeo's in-app editing options. Manage your own videos and of course watch, but also download your favorite videos right to your iPhone to watch offline at any time. You can manage your own personal queue, or other aspects of your Vimeo account.

You will also have the ability to monitor the statistics of your existing or any new videos. Checking the views, ratings and all other important information you'll want about your Vimeo content. A simple and elegant user interface makes it easier to browse comments, search videos and find exactly what you're looking for on Vimeo.com

What's more the Vimeo iPhone app plans to rival iMovie with its video editing functionality, Vimeo is one of the first free professional video apps that offers transitions, titles, music, volume control and other effects to be added to your video before uploading to your Vimeo account, sharing otherwise, or even saving directly on your device.

There is a host of social media integration options within Vimeos app, as well. You can share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, send via SMS, Email or even upload to Wordpress.

Bringing the user experience of Vimeo directly to the iPhone was of utmost importance to the development team at Vimeo, who want to offer the functionality to existing users, as well as ease of use to new ones. They've created what is likely to be known as one of the most functional and well designed video apps available for iOS. It works on all post-4.0 devices, but is specifically designed to work best with the iPhone. Read more on the Vimeo Press Page.