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Five For Friday: Week Of July 27

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 27th, 2012

We're deep into the middle of Summer now, so maybe that's why we haven't had the busiest of weeks when it comes to new releases. Never fear, though: we've still found five apps and games worthy of checking out over the weekend. Each offers something a little different and is bound to entertain or prove useful.

Muse 360
For many music fans, this will be an ideal app. Focusing on popular British indie rock band Muse, Muse 360 allows users to view concerts from 5 different camera angles and shifting focus just how they wish. It's possible to purchase and download many of the band's biggest hits such as Plug In Baby and Micro Cuts, and view performances from the 10th anniversary show at Reading Festival, through this interface.

Ticket To Ride Europe Pocket
Ticket To Ride has consistently provided an immensely enjoyable board game experience on the iPad and iPhone, so it's exciting to see a new version emerge in the form of the Europe edition. The game offers a new layout and challenges, as well as a new AI bot and achievements to gain.

The stock weather app, while useful, is far from pretty to look at. Solar is the kind of appearance that fits into the minimalist beauty of iOS perfectly. It's sleek and fast to use, giving all the important facts such as temperature, feels like temperature, general forecast and time.

5K To Marathon Runmeter GPS
Many running apps focus on getting beginners started on their journey to fitness. 5K To Marathon Runmeter GPS continues where those apps left off, offering training plans for those aiming to complete 10Ks, half marathons or full marathons. It'll also monitor numerous useful statistics, such as speed, elevation, distance, time and heart rate (with the right accessory).

The Bourne Legacy: Operation Intel
Continuing the trend of apps that tie into new movies, The Bourne Legacy: Operation Intel gives players the opportunity to participate in ten missions which unlock exclusive audio clips from The Bourne Legacy. Besides the missions, other features such as video and photo galleries, plus story details and showtimes are available for fans of the movie.

Redshift Review

By Kyle Flanigan on October 14th, 2010
Redshift is an astronomy tool for the iPad, combining both the sky from Earth and the vast space above into an impressive application built for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
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