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AppStories #4 from Appsfire is Coming to San Francisco on February 11

Posted by Jeff Scott on January 24th, 2014

Appsfire is bringing it's AppStories conference to San Francisco for the first time. The half day, super cheap, super awesome conference focuses on bringing in the best from the industry to do short talks about what they know best. "Secrets straight from successful mobile app developers" is the tagline, and it should deliver.

148Apps is happy to be one of the media sponsors for the event and we'll be there looking for the latest and greatest. Tickets are on sale right now -- hope to see you there.

Discover New And Local Music With Thrillcall

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 2nd, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: CONCERT COMPANION :: Read Review »

Music fans should appreciate new live music discovery app, Thrillcall.

The app offers the means in which to search for, discover and purchase concert tickets and other exclusive offers, all in the space of a few clicks.

Users can check out the latest music listings for major cities, as well as browse and buy local show offers that only appear briefly. These show offers give users exclusive access to some of the best concerts out there. Users, unfamiliar with certain acts, can listen to audio previews of artists to see if it suits their taste.

In each case, it's possible to share live music offerings with friends so it's simple to arrange an impromptu night out to check out new gigs. A built-in map, also, ensures it's clear to see exactly where each live event happens to be located.

The flash concert offers are only currently available in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, but it'll be spreading to Chicago and Seattle soon.

Thrillcall is out now and is free to download.

This Week at 148Apps: June 18-22

Posted by Chris Kirby on June 24th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

This week at 148Apps.com, we indulged in a little healthy living with our review of the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock. Site editor Rob LeFebvre writes, "The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock is a fantastic piece of tech that will allow anyone, regardless of experience, ability, or consciousness to have their blood pressure taken and monitored over time.

The free app that works alongside the actual blood pressure dock and arm cuff is simple, easy to use, and can be set up with multiple users. This allows families to keep track of more than one family member who might want or need to do so.

While high blood pressure is no laughing matter and should be monitored by a doctor or licensed health care provider, the iHealth blood pressure dock is ideal for tracking blood pressure in between doctor visits."

Want to know more? Read our full review at 148Apps.com.

Meanwhile, at GiggleApps.com, writer Amy Solomon took a trip to learn about polar bears via her review of the Smithsonian's Polar Bear Horizon. She writes, "Polar Bear Horizon – Smithsonian Oceanic Collection is an interactive application based on the book of the same name and now part of a series of Smithsonian applications developed by Oceanhouse Media. Like other apps by Oceanhouse Media, this application includes the choice to listen to narration allowing readers to follow along the included text which becomes highlighted when words are spoken, or to read this book to oneself. Auto-play is also an option."

Read Amy's full review at GiggleApps.

Finally, 148Apps.biz founder Jeff Scott announced the return of MobileBeat to San Francisco, saying "I think of MobileBeat as the business of mobile conference. The conference is about making connections with the business side of the mobile industry. This year the focus of MobileBeat is on something we see ignored all too often, design."

Read more about the upcoming MobileBeat conference on 148Apps.biz.

Another week has passed, but there's still plenty more where that came from. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to track the latest developments, and maybe even score a few free apps along the way. Until next week, stay Brave!

148Apps.biz News: HTML5 Conference Set For Next Week

Posted by Chris Kirby on September 23rd, 2011

148Apps founder Jeff Scott posted this news update over at 148Apps.biz:

The first HTML5 Developers Conference is set to launch next week. And just announced they will be hosting a hackathon with a special focus on mobile gaming.

Everyone is talking about HTML5 — it’s the future, right? Developers from all over the world are getting together to learn more about HTML5 and those ubiquitous plans next week in San Francisco.

For the full story, head on over to 148Apps.biz.

San Francisco: DK Top 10 Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Phillip Levin on March 28th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: A GREAT RESOURCE
An impressive digital tour guide to San Francisco.
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Time Shutter Melds the Past with the Present

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on January 12th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

One of the knocks on American architecture is that we rarely ever save our old buildings. Sure, we keep major historical sites like George Washington's house or Independence Hall, but most of our buildings are eventually torn down to make way for newer, bigger buildings. But now a new app lets you see at least one city the way it used to be, as Time Shutter San Francisco lets you spy the City by the Bay in all its former (and current) glory.

Time Shutter uses old photographs and illustrations to created detailed recreations of major SF landmarks from roughly 100 years ago. Users can then take a picture of the current structure standing at the historical site and then watch as the app combines the two images in a sort of "then and now" transition. Even better, all the historical images come with a quick history caption, so you may also learn a little something along the way. The app currently contains over 140 pics of various city landmarks, and a helpful map allows you to easily figure out which sites are in the near vicinity.

This is actually a pretty cool app that adds a new dimension to tourism. SF is a history-rich city, but if you don't know the town well it's easy to miss out on a lot of really neat architecture and information. This app provides a great way for kids and adults both to learn more about the city while they visit and do something other than just ride cable cars and go down to Fisherman's Wharf. It's even possible that some locals may enjoy the app just so they can learn more about the city in which they live.

For all of you living in other areas don't write this app off yet just because it's aimed at San Francisco. The team at ISL Consulting has told us they're already working on a New York edition of the app, and we're sure even more cities will be added as time goes on. In the meantime though, if you find yourself in the city famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Rice-a-Roni here's a fun way to get a bit more out of your trip.

UpNext 3D Cities Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Chris Kirby on June 21st, 2010
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: NOT WORLD-CLASS YET
A free travel app sounds great. Too bad it currently only features five cities.
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Macworld Expo Toolkit for iPhone

Posted by Tom Hesser on January 5th, 2009

If you are coming to Macworld, you will be in the heart of San Francisco. Whether you have been here before or not, there are some essential apps you should load on your iPhone for worry-free navigation of the Expo and the city.

Without question, the #1 app you should have is iMacworld. The latest update adds Session info and detailed maps of the Halls, plus an easy to search directory of vendors and products. My only wish is that this app had been around for previous Expos.

For you elbow-rubbing and social networking types, download a copy of Handshake. Handshake will allow you to easily exchange your contact info with other iPhone users without worrying about loosing those pesky business cards that fall to the bottom of your goodie bags.

There are a TON of Starbucks in San Francisco. To log on to get your free iPhone wifi connection from AT&T, download Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T. It costs $0.99, but it is totally worth it for speeding up your connection to hotspots to check your voluminous email, or to download one of the apps you just read about in this article.

If you are combining your Expo trip with your vacation plans, or hope to explore the city a bit, Routesy can provide you with all the local MUNI transit information and schedules. If you don't want to spend the $2.99 for Routesy, there are also two Web 2.0 apps available that you can use with Safari for free.

NextBus (www.nextmuni.com)

MUNI Time (sf.munitime.com)

If you are flying into the San Francisco or Oakland airports, and don't plan on renting a car, you will need to take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). To get BART schedules and maps of stops, download iBART. There is a BART train that goes directly from SFO to downtown, just blocks from Moscone. Trips from the Oakland airport require a short $3 shuttlebus trip to the BART station before continuing to San Francisco.

The mobile version of Yelp is great at helping to find eateries and night spots in the city during your Macworld stay. The only problem might be that there are too many great spots to visit making it hard to choose. Yelp is especially handy since there aren't a lot of places right around Moscone, and the ones that are will probably be packed with Expo-goers. Wear some comfortable shoes and hike to some of the more out of the way spots.

Finally, if you are looking for something to do outside of the Expo venue, try twiddlerSF which is a great app that can randomly choose a place to go in the city or an event, based on your "mood" and how far you want to travel. It also had a cool spinner interface.

Macworld Expo - Show Us What You Are Working On

Posted by Jeff Scott on December 30th, 2008

The 2009 Macworld Expo is just a week away and Tom and I will both be canvasing the place for interesting iPhone news. If any app developers or hardware folks would like to meet up with us while we are there and give us a preview of what you're working on, give us a shout.

This will be my first Macworld Expo -- I've been stuck at CES for the past 5 years. Tom is a veteran and will be showing me around.

We'll also be very proud to announce the winners of the 2009 Best App Ever Awards on Wednesday at the MacWorld Expo. We'll be announcing the nominees tomorrow with voting open until 1/6/2009 for the winners.

Will we see the iPhone Nano, a new Apple consumer product of some sort, or, as usual, walk away all disappointed with nothing but meager product updates? We'll find out next week as the keynote kicks off the Expo on Tuesday morning.