Embrace Your Rock Side With Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Posted by Jennifer Allen on April 15th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Ever have one of those moments where you're desperately trying to remember something but you can't? Particularly when it comes to something like Rock & Roll? In which case, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame might be exactly what you need.

For the mere price of $1.99, this app gives you a list of more than 600 of the most influential and famous Rock & Roll songs of all time. Each of these songs has been chosen by various knowledgeable staff from the Museum of the same name as well as many Rock critics and historians. You can look through according to decade and track the evolution of the genre, or you can search for specifics if you're itching to remember something.

Each entry comes with album artwork as well as a brief bit of information on the musical selection. Plus you can use the app to listen to song samples as well as download them to your iOS device. You can even then build a playlist from these entries in the Hall of Fame.

Simply put, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame looks set to be a fantastic app for the Rocker hidden in all of us.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is available as an universal app for both iPhone and iPad and is priced at a keen $1.99.