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FrEEday Vol 62

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 14th, 2011

World of Star:

If video games are any indication of what space is like, well, humanity is in for some pretty rough battles. World of Star is an online sci-fi strategy game where players pick one of three races (human, alien, and spirit), establish a base, and attempt to take out their neighbors. This game comes with over 45 buildings, 30 battle units, 600 quests, and hundreds of players online to duke it out against. It is deadly out in the black, but surely there is someone who can lead the human race to victory.

Players take on the role of G.One in this top-down 3D arcade action game. G.One is tasked with defending the world against the ungodly wrath of a strange creation by the name of Ra.One and his minions. The mission itself is simple: survive the hordes of enemies and bring Ra.One to his knees. Upgrades for weapons and armor will help make this task slightly easier, but it will come down to mad skills to save the world yet again.

Cannon Ball:

Cannons and Pandas, what more needs saying?!? How about enjoying a massive battle in which players will take turns firing cannons at one another in hopes they can successfully lay waste to the opponent's fortress. Bonuses go to those that claim a perfect victory, or those who narrowly avoid defeat. Invite friends off Game Center and let the battle begin. Loser buys lunch!

Forever Drive:

Like racing and have a bit of a creative streak, then this game is just what the doctor ordered. Start playing by designing some of the most beautiful, winding, and gorgeous race tracks with just a few touches thanks to the streamlined in-game track editor. The creativity does not stop there as car customization is just as important, and therefore plenty of paint and license plate options are available for tweaking. After all of that, hit the unique track and race like no tomorrow while leveling up as the miles pile on, thus unlocking more cars and more options for fun. There are infinite possibilities tucked into this game.

Q Pang:

Q Pang brings plenty of adorable enemies and charming player characters in this shoot-and-kill adventure game. The usual weapons like machine guns and lasers make an appearance but then there are also off the wall battlements like a cake gun. Yeah, a cake gun! All weapons come with a variety of upgrades to aid in the alien slaughter, of which there are 14 varieties to bring down. It maybe quirky and a bit odd, but when was the last time anyone had this much fun blasting evil aliens with tasty cake?!?

The Portable Podcast, Episode 105

Posted by Carter Dotson on October 4th, 2011

Smuggled in from faraway lands.

On This Episode:

  • Carter and guest co-host Brett Nolan discuss recent release Shadowgun, the partially-launched Forever Drive, and the upcoming Whale Trail.
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  • Host: Carter Dotson
  • Guest: Brett Nolan, AppAddict.net
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    Don't Wait Forever for Forever Drive, Just Wait Until October!

    Posted by Carter Dotson on September 6th, 2011

    Supermono Studios, known for their work on the MiniSquadron series and the app that turns chores into a game, EpicWin, have announced their newest title, called Forever Drive. This is a racing game with ambitious plans for user-generated content. The game features two modes, the first one being Drive mode. Here, players race along tracks in a top-down/isometric view, trying to make it from checkpoint to checkpoint while outrunning the clock on endless tracks. The Build mode then allows players to easily make their own tracks by tracing designs on the screen, and then modifying them before sharing them with the world.

    Now, there have definitely been games with level sharing in them, and while it's still a quality feature, the way Drive Forever implements level sharing is truly unique. See, levels that are shared online are added to the endless tracks that pop up in Drive mode, so random players can play the levels that are created by other people in the Build mode.

    The game will be free to play, and will use a Credits system where by spending credits, the player's points will be multiplied by a certain value and converted into XP, which are used to unlock additional game items, like vehicles, paint jobs, license plates, and even new buildings to adorn the scenery. When the player is out of credits, then they will still get XP, it just won't be multiplied. This means that the game is intended to be perfectly playable without spending a dime, people who pay will just get to unlock items faster.

    Drive Forever is scheduled to release in October 2011, though they plan on doing an "open beta test" of the app by releasing it only in Ireland and possibly Canada in order to test their servers and receive feedback from a larger userbase before releasing it to the general worldwide public.