Tizzy Seasons Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on October 3rd, 2012

Tizzy Seasons is a delightful application for young children which teaches about each of the four seasons. Not a word is spoken or seen as text within this application, making this app a very nice selection for children no matter their language background.

Start by choosing a boy or girl character and then a season with a tap, each charmingly expressed within four beautifully crafted scenes and each coming together as four corners of a background image, yet showing each season’s differences with the use of color and other details.

Five mini games are included per season and pertain to activities one may accomplish during each time of year, such as planting seeds in spring, blowing bubbles in summer, raking leaves in fall or hanging Christmas tree lights in the winter. I also appreciate planting vegetables in the spring to harvest them in the fall - a nice touch.

Some nice puzzle elements are included as well, such as matching the animals up to their corresponding cloud shapes or by placing leaves in their rightful places to be saved for later. Creative moments include allowing users to decorate a jack-o-lantern or snowman. I enjoy a few unique details like cutting bonsai trees into animals or flying a kite with a very realistic perspective.

There is a lot to enjoy within this application, and I also appreciate how the boy and girl characters are presumably ethnic non-Caucasians - something not seen often enough within iTunes.

What I don’t find necessary is the cheering found at the conclusion of these activities. While I find it important to include some kind of a conclusion to mini-games such as these, this specific sound effect is on the shrill side and out of place within this relaxing and lovely application.

Even with this note, Tizzy Seasons is a delightful way to engage toddlers and even beyond, teaching a little about seasonal activities along the way.

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