Stack the States Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on October 29th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Stack the States is a fun and unique educational game which mixes both U.S. geography trivia as well as an impressive stacking game. Answer questions about specific U.S. states and if you get the answer right, that state drops to a platform at the bottom of the screen where these states are stacked. Keep answering questions correctly and more states will be added to the pile until it is stacked past the finish line that is placed mid-screen. Be aware that the laws of gravity and physics play a large roll in how these states react to being stacked. Will it stack easily or fall down, collapsing the tower, or maybe falling off the platform completely?

The states to be stacked are the correct shape you would expect to find on any U.S. map so some more squarish states like Colorado or the Dakotas may stack easily, but others not so much. Also, the scale is very good here, and you can really see the difference in size between states like California and Delaware, something I really appreciate. After you pile your states past the line, you have earned a state for a U.S. map which gets filled in the more you play. There are also three mini games to unlock as you continue to collect states, and this app will store the info of up to six players - great for families.

I do wish there was more to learn here about the U.S. map as a whole, not just as separate states. As you play, you do add states to a map which slowly becomes completed, but this takes a really long time to fill and this is a feature not likely to be studied much. I would like to see a full U.S. map with all the questions’ answers available to use as a reference. I think looking up facts this way and studying the map in order to answer questions correctly would add to the learning process. All in all, a fun game that both adults and kids will enjoy.

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