There have been a lot of jokes about this, some by me, but Pokemon Go has genuinely done a lot of good by getting people out and about.Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Madrid is fast approaching, and Niantic has set up a new area in a bit to get people to take that next fitness step.

Using the most popular of Spanish sports, Football, or more incorrectly Soccer, Madrid Go Fest will have trainers moving like possibly never between. Players will be able to undertake a series of skill challenges to show off their prowess, with quite the delectable grand prize on offer if you look to be the next Xavi.

The grand prize on offer, one for each of the six sessions, is a personalised PokeStop placed in the winner's hometown in any location for a limited time. They are dished out on a first come first served basis though, so you will need to act fast. As far as prizes go though, this one is quite the doozy and well worth running a few drills for.

Continuing the football frenzy there will be special guest appearances across three days. Gaizka Mendieta will appear June 14th, Fernando Morientes June 15th, and finally Vicky Losada June 16th. These football stars will be holding meet-and-greet sessions for autographs, and will also host special skill-coaching sessions between 15:00 and 17:00.

Outside the pitch, you can take part in a football-themed route across Madrid to meander around for three days. Our football stars have worked closely with the city of Madrid to map out a sporty soiree for everyone, taking you past features such as the LEGENDS Madrid football museum, the Fountain of Neptune, and other photo-worthy stops. Don’t forget to catch your Solrock when you are out.

Pokemon Go is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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